RNA splicing involves the

Updated: 4/28/2022
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removal of introns from the molecule :)

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Q: RNA splicing involves the
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What is the process called which removes introns from RNA?

RNA splicing

Alternating RNA splicing?

An alternative RNA splicing is a process by which the exons of the RNA produced by the transcription of a gene are reconnected in multiple ways during RNA splicing, so as to allow production of multiple forms of protein from one gene.

Difference between protein splicing and RNA splicing?

The difference id the complex procedure which allows the splicing to take place the difference is the scientists who do the process Tocans splice the protein while giraffs splice the RNA

How do introns and exons relate to RNA splicing?

Before the RNA leaves the nucleus, the introns are removed and the exons are joined together, producing an mRNA molecule with a continuous coding sequence. This process is called RNA splicing.

What is the process of coping an RNA message from the DNA code?

gene splicing

How is trna produced?

like all other RNA, by translation of DNA into a pre-RNA, the processing (eg. splicing)

What happens before a RNA messenger is mature?

RNA is spliced (cut) in order to make it mature. This involves splicing out the introns and leaving the exons - these are the segments that code for a protein. This means that when mRNA leaves the nucleus, it only contains the segments that directly code for a protein.

What types of molecules catalyze RNA splicing?

The types of molecules that catalyze RNA splicing are called spliceosomes. They are complex molecular machines commonly found in eukaryotic cells.

What process involves RNA polymerase?

Transcription of DNA by mRNA involves RNA polymerase.

What would happen if RNA splicing didnt occur?

it will result into a non functional protien

What are the kinds and functions of RNA molecule?

its function is to link amino acids during protein synthesis, and in a variety of RNA processing reactions, including RNA splicing, viral replication, and transfer RNA biosynthesis.

What might be an advantage of RNA splicing?

the spliced exons are rejoined together and form a smaller mRNA.