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The difference id the complex procedure which allows the splicing to take place the difference is the scientists who do the process Tocans splice the protein while giraffs splice the RNA

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Q: Difference between protein splicing and RNA splicing?
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What is an alternative RNA splicing?

An alternative RNA splicing is a process by which the exons of the RNA produced by the transcription of a gene are reconnected in multiple ways during RNA splicing, so as to allow production of multiple forms of protein from one gene.

What is the process of RNA splicing?

RNA to DNa , Dna to RNA

Can a single protein have multiple genes?

Yes. A protein produced by multiple genes are cased by fusion genes. Usually a protein is translated from a mRNA which is transcribed from a DNA. After transcription, RNA is rearranged by so-called RNA splicing in which some of short sequences are selected(Exon) or deleted(Intron). During the splicing two different genes can join together and it is called trans-splicing. After trans-splicing, mRNA is translated into a protein, so the protein has two genes. Most cases these fusion genes are oncogenes which cause Cancerous diseases.

What are the kinds and functions of RNA molecule?

its function is to link amino acids during protein synthesis, and in a variety of RNA processing reactions, including RNA splicing, viral replication, and transfer RNA biosynthesis.

What is the process called which removes introns from RNA?

RNA splicing

Where does RNA splicing occur?


Why RNA splicing important?


Where does messenger RNA get edited for its final form?

RNA splicing or processing (not editing) occur in nucleus after mRNA synthesis.The cutting of intron and joining of exons occurs in a series of pathways in nucleus by splicing machinery. Spliced RNAs are transported out to the cytoplasm for protein synthesis.

Where does RNA splicing takes place?


Alternating RNA splicing?

During gene expression a regulated process is alternating RNA splicing. It has a single gene coding that is used for many proteins.

What is the relation between RNA and Ribosomes?

Ribosomes are structures in the cell which translatemessenger RNA into protein. They are complex structures of ribosomal RNA and protein.

How is the RNA strand different from the unused DNA strand?

Well, the main difference between RNA and DNA is that RNA is single-stranded and DNA is double-stranded. But on top of that, adenine is replaced with a different protein in RNA.

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