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Substrate(starch) becomes Sugar.

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Q: Substrates are converted into what substances by enzymes?
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Which substances fit together like a lock and key?

enzymes and substrates

Is it true or false that Enzymes interact with specific substrates?

Enzymes does interact with specific substrates. This is used in science.

What can enzymes react with?


How does an enzymes interact with a substance?

Enzymes interact with substrates by binding only with specific substrates. Enzymes will then alter the shape of the substrate in order to induce reaction.

What to enzymes do?

Enzymes attach to things called substrates to help speed up the reaction. Only certain enzymes match the shape of certain substrates.

Enzymes specially interact with?


What are molecules that are acted upon by enzymes called?

These molecules are called substrates.

What are the jobs of enzymes?

Enzymes are proteins that process certain substrates (substances). Each enzyme has a different purpose, builder enzymes: builder enzymes take 2 or more substrates in to their "active site" and creates a new substance. Breaker enzymes: Breaker enzymes "break down" substrates via their "active site" this is important in the human body. Some important enzymes for humans are: Protease: Breaks down protiens, Carbohydrase: breaks down carbohydrates Lipase: Breaks down fats

Do all enzymes have the same shape as their substrates?


What is the region where enzymes attach to their substrates?

The active site.

What do enzymes and substrates look like?

Enzymes and substrates are molecules and look like any other molecules. In case of enzymes specifically, they are proteins and so have long chains of amino acids folded into different structures and shapes.

What do cells have of enzymes to act as biological catalyst?

enzymes are protein molecules that act as biological catalysts