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When flooded by water, some plants rapidly send up shoots above the surface and use the new leaves as a kind of snorkel.

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The oak tree

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Q: What all trees would survive in a flood?
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Which tree not give oxygen?

All trees give oxygen; it is a result of the trees "inhaling" carbon dioxide. Just like how humans give off carbon dioxide when they exhale, trees also give off carbon dioxide. So all trees give off oxygen to the environment-its a natural result of trees trying to survive.

What is the cause of human evolution?

Most believe that the struggle to survive and adaptation causes evolution. If all of the sudden all food was in trees, humans would probably adapt and become skilled climbers, or grow a body part that helps climbing.

What may happen when trees are cleared in a watershed?

if this happens in a specific area, then the hill will loose all topsoil during rainstorms and there would be mudslides. It would also cause nearly all animals to vacate the area and it would become a fairly barren slope upwards. If this happens world-wide, then humans might die out due to the large amounts of oxygen trees produce and the large amounts of hills around the world.

Which forest would be more likely to survive a disease a forest made up of one type of tree or a forest made up of many types of trees?

Well, it depends on the type of tree and the disease but in general, a forest with many types of trees probably has a better survival rate as diseases can affect certain types of trees differently. So if you had a disease that could kill one type of tree and a forest made only of that type, all the trees would die.

Do Deciduous trees stay green always?

deciduous trees go into dormancy over winter relying on stored energy to survive, without the leaves they cant photosynthesize. the exception to this would be in young trees that have green stems that photosynthesize.

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How would runoff in a forest area change if all the trees were cut down?

it would flood

What effect did the flood have on trees in Noah's Ark?

During the flood in the time of Noah , everything was washed out for good, all the trees were destroyed.

Why is the rainforest imprtant?

because the trees give oxygen to everyone and we would all die and there would be flood drout and soil erosion and it gives homes to animals

Would your lives be the same if all trees lived for less than hundred years?

No, trees provide oxygen for us to survive. If they did not live longer we would have less oxygen. Also certain animals live and eat off of trees and we eat animals, without the trees those animals would die off and we may survive but more likely perish. Hope it helped

What do black oak trees need to survive?

waterfertilizersunlightairthey are found in deserts and need all the above to survive even a year 2 kid would know anwwayz good luck

Why help trees?

We should help trees because we need them to survive. They provide us with oxygen and recycle our waste, carbon dioxide and the like. Without trees we would all die. Plus they're beautiful. Do what you can to protect them.

How does illegal logging causes floods?

Because trees like long or big trees become resistance to the water and stops most of the flood or all of it

If Venice does flood how will the citizens of Venice survive?

They will move elsewhere. The city is not going to flood all of a sudden. It is continually sinking, and the residents are aware of this. Once it becomes too much of a hassle and inconvenience, they will then start to plan on where else they would like to lie.

What would happen if there were no street trees around?

If there were no trees the amount of oxygen in the air would be less. Because trees and plants takes carbondioxide and release oxygen during the process of photosynthesis. If so happens living beings can not survive on the Earth

Can any palm trees survive all year round in Washington dc?


Importance of trees to men and animals?

Trees are vital to life for humans and animals. Specifically, trees produce the oxygen that all living creatures need to survive.

Which string bean would die in a flood?

all of them