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Fatty acid chains with all single bonds are saturated fatty acids. All of the carbon atoms are saturated with hydrogen atoms.

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Q: What are fatty acid chains with all single bonds between carbon and hydrogen?
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A fat is called what if all the fatty acid chains are single bonded to two other carbons and two hydrogens?

If a fatty acid has a completely single-bonded carbon chain with as many hydrogen atoms as possible bound to the chain, it is refered to as a "saturated" fat. It is literally saturated with hydrogen atoms. If the chain has one or more double bonds, those double bonds reduce the number of hydrogen atoms, and so that is an "unsaturated" fat.

What is the arrangement of bacilli in which chains are found?


How do side chains affect protein structure?

They almost completely determine protein structure. Although protein folding is a process that requires supercomputer power, some general things apply: Hydrophobic side chains associate together to form a fatty center to most proteins oppositely charged side chains associate. Even alpha helixes that are held together by backbone interactions depend on the side chains to form. Three amino acid side chains have especially important effects. Cysteine can form disulfide bonds, so it makes covalent connections between different parts of the peptide. Proline is a ring that incorporates the backbone, so it changes the direction of the chain. Glycine is a single hydrogen, so it is the smallest and most flexible.

What is a proteins main atoms?

Proteins are made of amino acids. The general structure of an amino acid has four components bonded to a single carbon atom. The four components are: a hydrogen atom, a carboxylate group, an amino group, and a variable "R" group. The carboxylate group contains only carbon and oxygen. The amino group contains nitrogen and hydrogen. The most common atoms of protein would be carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and hydrogen.

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What are the chemical difference between unsaturated and saturated fat?

All fats contain chains of carbon atoms bonded to hydrogen atoms. In a saturated fat the carbon atoms in the chains are boned to as many hydrogen atoms as possible (that is, 2 each, with the last carbon bonded to 3) and all carbon-carbon bonds are single bonds. In an unsaturated fat some of the carbons are not bonded to the maximum number of hydrogen atoms, and those carbon atoms that are missing hydrogen atoms are double bonded to a neighboring carbon.

What type of bonds do alkanes contain?

single only- apex

Is ethene gas a single bond?

No, ethylene (ethene) has a carbon-carbon double bond, in addition to four other single bonds between carbon and hydrogen.

A saturated hydrocarbon is an organic compound which contains hydrogen and carbon joined?

The bond is covalent; the meaning of saturated is a single bond between carbon atoms (C-C).

What is carbon and hydrogen's bonding pattern?

One Carbon can form four single covalent bonds with Hydrogen atoms.

What type of bonds does Ch3Oh have?

Yes, it can! The hydrogen bonds with oxygen thus forming a hydrogen bond. (OH)

Why does hydrogen is attached to carbon molecul with single bond and not with double bond?

Hydrogen is attached to carbon molecule with single bond and not double bond because the hydrogen atom joins to one of the carbon atoms originally in the double bond.

What are examples of covalent bonds besides water?

Single, double, and triple carbon-carbon bonds; carbon-hydrogen bonds; carbon-halogen bonds; hydrogen-hydrogen bonds; nitrogen-nitrogen bonds; single and double carbon-oxygen bonds; silicon-oxygen bonds in silicone polymers.

What is the maximum number of covalent bonds that can form between a single carbon atom and 1 or more hydrogen atoms?


Does ethylene have a single bond and double bond?

Ethylene has 4 single bonds (carbon to hydrogen) and 1 double bond (carbon to carbon).

Does Methane have single or double bonds?

No methane does not contain a triple bond. Methane is a covalent compound: in one molecule of methane, there are four hydrogen atoms covalently bonded to one hydrogen atom each by a single covalent bond (i.e., one single bond between each hydrogen atom and the carbon atom).

What elements are found in benzene?

Carbon and hydrogen. Benzene is a hexagonal ring formed of carbon-carbon bonds, alternatively double and single.