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salivary amylase
turns proteins into peptides

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Q: What are the enzymes found in the saliva and list its substrate and products?
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What enzymes are contained in saliva?

Amylase and lysozyme are enzymes found in the saliva. The former initiates the breakdown of starch into smaller carboydrate units, while the latter inhibits bacterial growth in the oral cavity. There are several other pathogen inhibiting enzymes in saliva. Saliva also contains a lipase enzyme for the breakdown of lipids, but it is not very active until it reaches the low pH of the stomach. Saliva also contains ptyalin.

Which food type do enzymes in saliva attack?

The enzyme in your saliva is Amylase, which is used to breakdown Amylose, a form of starch. Starch is a complex carbohydrate, so the enzyme in your saliva breaks down complex carbohydrates.

What is substrate of maltase?

maltase is found in intestinal juice and hydrolyzes maltose to glucose. Substrate = maltose Product = glucose

Why are enzymes?

Enzymes are important because they initiate and regulate biological activity. Enzymes are biological catalysts which means that they speed up chemical reactions inside and outside cells.For example, the digestive enzyme amylase, found in the saliva, breaks down starch into smaller molecules so that it can be absorbed into the blood. Similarly, lipase breaks down lipids (fats) into smaller fat globules, so that they can also be absorbed into the blood. Enzymes allow the body to maintain all of its many cellular and metabolic processes.Without the assistance of digestive enzymes, many of the nutrients in food would not be made available to the body.More than 5000 enzymes are known. To name different enzymes, one typically uses the ending -ase with the name of the chemical being transformed (substrate), e.g., lactase is the enzyme that catalyzes the cleavage of lactose.Each enzyme performs one specific process, so 5000 enzymes will do 5000 different things in the body.What kind of food contains more enzymes? Raw fish, meats, vegetables, fruits and specially fermented foods contain a greater amount of enzymes. hope i helped

How do you use the word 'enzymes' in a sentence that clearly explains its meaning?

In the digestive system long chains of molecules are broken down into small units by the action of enzymes.Enzymes is a plural noun, so it can be used like this.Enzymes are found in saliva.

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What macromolecules are in saliva?

Mainly there is water. But proteins from enzymes can be found

Enzymes acting on starch is found in?

Saliva and pancreatic juice.

What enzymes are found in rabbit saliva?

rabbit saliva contains an enzyme capable of hydrolysing starch to sugar

What are biologic catalyst?

Biological catalysts that are proteins are called enzymes. Enzymes bring the substrates together to form the enzyme-substrate complex, which leads to the generation of the products of the reaction.

What kind of material is found in the mouth?

teeth tongue saliva (enzymes)

Where does the digestion begin?

In the mouth with amylase enzymes found in saliva.

What is found in saliva?

There are three major enzymes in saliva. These enzymes are amylase, Lingual lipase, and Kallikrein. There are four antimicrobial enzymes that help kill bacteria, including lysozyme, salivary lactoperoxide, lactoferrin, and immunoglobulin A.

What enzymes are involved in digesting starch to glucose?

Amylase, found predominantly in saliva.

Where are enzymes located?

The enzyme is mainly found in the saliva and stomach. But it can also be found in the pancreas and duodenum. =)

What contains digestive enzymes and is found in white blood cells?

I think you mean what contains digestive enzymes and white blood cells. If so then the answer is saliva

What are the enzymes found in saliva that break down starch is called?

Amylase breaks down starch into sugars.

How do the enzymes affect digestion?

Enzymes break down specific molecules e.g. amalyse enzyme breaks down hydrogen peroxide, the substrate is on the molecule and then the enzyme comes along, the substrate goes in the active site, then it breaks the molecule down