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Hand electrons to the next carrier in the chain

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Q: What do the NADP molecules do during photosynthesis?
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What are two carrier molecules involvede with photosynthesis?


Which molecule acts as a carrier during photosynthesis?


Reduction of NADP occurs during?

NADP+ is reduced in many different places. In animals cells, for example, during the breakdown of one glucose molecule two are reduced during glycolysis, two are reduced during the oxidation of pyruvate, and 6 are created during the Krebs cycle.

What is the function of DPIP in this experiment?

Is this an AP lab?The DPIP replaces NADP+.In photosynthesis, NADP is reduced to NADPH, but NADP is colorless.DPIP replaces the NADP. When DPIP is reduced, it changes from blue to clear. DPIP is used to show photosynthesis taking place.

Photosynthesis carrier molecules?

A carrier molecule is a compound that can accept a pair of high energy electrons and transfer them to another molecule. The carrier molecule in photosynthesis is NADP or the nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate.

During photosynthesis what causes electrons to flow from water to NADP plus?

Read your book

What is the coenzyme in the of photosynthesis?


The oxygen released into the air as a product of photosynthesis comea from what?

When oxygen is released as a result of photosynthesis, it is a by product of what?reducing NADP+chemiosmosisthe electron transfer system of photosystem Isplitting the water moleculesthe electron transfer system of photosystem IIsplitting the water molecules

Do NADP plus store electrons for photosynthesis?


What is the ultimate electron acceptor in photosynthesis?


How would photosynthesis be affected if there were a shortage of NADP in the cells of plant?

If there was a shortage of NADP plus, the cells in the plant would not be able to run through the photosynthesis cycle.

Which metal ion is responsible for electron transportation in photosynthesis?

NADP+ which then grabs a hyrdogen and becomes NADPH