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primary active transport

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Q: What energy from the hydrolysis of ATP is used to drive substances across the membrane against their own concentration gradients?
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Facilitated diffusion carrier proteins and cell membrane pumps both?

They both transport substances up their concentration gradients.

What is concentration polarization in membrane science?

Concentration polarization refers to concentration gradients near a membrane's surface. This occurs due to the passing of a solute through this membrane.

What does the word facilitated mean in facilitated diffusion?

Transport of substances across a biological membrane from an area of higher concentration to an area of lower concentration by means of a carrier molecule. Since the substances move along the direction of their concentration gradients, energy is not required.

What does diffusion need to occur?

a difference in concentration gradients and a membrane that will allow it.

What is the pumping of materials across a membrane against their concentration gradients?

Active Transport

What is the role of a membrane in establishing a concentration gradient?

The membrane serves as both an insulator and a diffusion barrier to the movement of ions. Ion transporter/pump proteins actively push ions across the membrane to establish concentration gradients across the membrane, and ion channels allow ions to move across the membrane down those concentration gradients,

What function do carrier proteins perform in active transport?

The carrier proteins that serve in active transport are often called cell membrane "pumps" because they move substances up their concentration gradients.

How are electrochemical gradients formed?

It is formed from the ions concentration gradient and the effect of the membrane potential on the ions movement.

Movement of ions across excitable living membrane?

Some ions are prevented from moving down their concentration gradients by ATP-driven pumps. Some ions move from high to low concentration gradients through membrane protein channels, and some ion gates in the membrane can open in response to electrical potential changes.

What happens when diffusion moves molecules across the plasma membrane?

The process is relatively slow and is driven by concentration gradients.

What is the major role of the Na K pump in maintaining the resting membrane potential?

maintaining the concentration gradients for Na+ and K+ across the cell membrane

Which affects the rate of diffusion through a semipermeable membrane?

steeper concentration gradients, higher temperatures and size of the molecule diffusing

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