What is a sentence for gluteus maximus?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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my gluteus maximus is in pain.

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Q: What is a sentence for gluteus maximus?
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Where is the Gluteus Maximus on a body?

Gluteus Maximus is the correct name for your buttocks.

In what organ system is your gluteus maximus in?

Gluteus Maximus is in the Muscular Body System.

Is the gluteus maximus the largest of the gluteus muscles in the cat?

The largest gluteal muscle in the cat is the gluteus medius as opposed to the misconception that it is the gluteus maximus. Though the gluteus maximus is very large in humans, this muscle is found to be small in the cat.

Is gluteus medius antagonist to gluteus maximus?


What exercise works the glutemas maximus?

The correct spelling is gluteus maximus instead of glutemas maximus. Exercises that work the gluteus maximus include one-leg squats and one-leg deadlifts. Both front and side lunges work the gluteus maximus.

What is the muscle that holds the gluteus maximus called?

Gluteus Medius

What muscles are used to extend the hip when climbing stairs?

Gluteus Maximus

Is the gluteus maximus muscle very lazy?

yes! the gluteus maximus is lazy because it only lets you sit!

Does gluteus to the maximus really work?

plz reframe your question. and gluteus maximus is a muscle in your body on which you sit(buttocks)

What joint does the gluteus maximus cross?

The gluteus maximus crosses the hip joint.

What is gluteus maximum?

There are three primary muscles that make up the muscular (not fat) tissue of your butt; the gluteus maximus, the gluteus, medius, and the gluteus minimus. As you might have guessed, the gluteus maximus muscle is the largest of the three.

Is gluteus an adjective?

No, the Latin term gluteus is a noun, referring to any of several body areas. In gluteus maximus (posterior muscles), the term maximus is the adjective.