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Zero. If it's RR that means it only contains the dominant allele

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Q: What is the probability that an egg cell from a female with genotype RR will contain the recessive allele?
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What is it Dominant allele What is a recessive allele?

A genotype in which there are both a dominant and a recessive allele is called heterozygous.

What is the probability that certain genotypes and phenotypes will occur?

This depends entirely on the genotype of the parents. The probability of getting a specific genotype is the probability of getting the correct allele from mother (1/2) multiplied by the probability of getting the correct allele from father (1/2) multiplied by the number of ways this can occur. The probability of getting a phenotype, if the phenotype is dominant, is the sum of the probability of getting two dominant alleles, and the probability of getting one dominant allele. If the phenotype is recessive, the probability is equal to the probability of getting two recessive alleles.

A homozygous genotype where both alleles are recessive are called?

A recessive gene refers to an allele which is only seen in homozygous genotype.

What comes before a recessive allele when determining the genotype of a offspring in a punnett square?

dominant allele before a recessive trait

Is it proper to put the dominant allele before a recessive allele when determining the genotype?


What genotype must the person have who possessed the recessive phenotypes?

The genotype is homozygous recessive or the recessive trait is on the X chromosome and has no corresponding allele on the Y chromosome.

What is dominant recessive?

There is dominant and there is recessive. There is no dominant recessive. A dominant gene will always be expressed when present, such as in the homozygous dominant genotype (RR), or heterozygous genotype (Rr). A recessive allele is only expressed when the genotype is homozygous recessive (rr).

What makes a dominant allele different from recessive Allie?

A dominant alle masks the expression of the recessive trait in a heterozygous genotype, a recessive allele is the phenotpye expressed is the recessive trait.

If an allele for a particular trait is not expressed at all when another allele for the trait is present the allele is?

The allele not expressed would be recessive whilst the other is dominant. This would be the case in a heterozygous genotype. Hope this helps

Why are recessive alleles not removed from populations over time?

If the recessive genotype is selected for more often than the dominant genotype, the recessive allele will become more common than the dominant allele in the gene pool.

When is a recessive allel expressed in offspring?

A recessive phenotype is expressed in an offspring that has a homozygous recessive genotype for that trait.

What is it called having a dominate and recessive allele?

If an individual has one recessive allele and one dominant allele, they are known as heterozygous. The dominant trait will be expressed.