What makes Elodea cells green?

Updated: 8/10/2023
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Plants are green because they have a substance called chlorophyll in them. Understanding why chlorophyll is green requires a little Biology, chemistry and physics.

If we shine white light on chlorophyll, its molecules will absorb certain colors of light. The light that isn't absorbed is reflected, which is what our eyes see.

A red apple appears red because the molecule of pigment in the apple's skin absorbs blue light, not red. Thus, we see red. Chlorophyll molecules absorb blue light and some red light. The other colors are reflected resulting in the green color that we associate with plants.

Plants get their energy to grow through a process called photosynthesis. Large numbers of chlorophyll molecules acts as the antenna that actually harvest sunlight and start to convert it in to a useful form. Here's where the absorbent properties of the chlorophyll molecule come into play.

It turns out that eons of evolutionary design have matched the absorbance of chlorophyll to the actual color of the sunlight that reaches the leaves. Sunlight consists of primarily blue and red light mixed together, which are exactly the colors that chlorophyll molecules like to absorb. Light is a form of energy, so the chlorophyll is able to harvest the sunlight with little waste.

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the cells of elodea are green because they contain chloroplasts.

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It has chlorophyll found its' organelle chloroplast.

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It reflects green light, which is the chlorophyll that reflects it.

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Q: What makes Elodea cells green?
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What color are most elodea cells?

Green because they have chloroplast

What organelles are in the ELODEA LEAF cells that makes it different from a animal cell?

It is a plant cell therefore it has a cell wall which animal cells do not. It also have chloroplast (makes it green, for photosythesis) and possibly vacuole.

Onion cells and elodea cells structure differences?

An ELODEA cell is a PLANT cell. A HUMAN EPIDERMAIL cell is an ANIMAL cell. if you know that plant cells and animal cells have different organelles, then you should be good to go.

Does elodea cell have chloroplast?

Yes, all cells do, to contain and protect anything inside.

Which are smaller onion cells or elodea?

Elodea cells are smaller

Do chloroplasts move in elodea cells?

Today I just did a lab viewing elodea cells and human cheek cells. When I viewed the Elodea cells on the highest power, I saw chloroplasts moving. They looked like tiny green spheres moving in little groups of two or more on a set of "tracks". I hope this answers the question.

Is elodea cells organisms?

Is Elodea cell an organism?

What are the sizes of cheek epithelial cells and elodea leaf cells?

The human epithelial cells are thick and boxlike whereas elodea cells are thin and platelike. The cells of elodea are rigid and rectangular in shape.

Do Elodea cell have cytoplasm?

yes elodea cells do. They use it to move.

What cell has chloroplasts onion cell or elodea cell?

Both. Both cells are plant cells and plant cells have chloroplasts. (Elodea is the waterweeds)

Do onions have choroplasts do elodea plants carry out photosynthesis?

Just did this lab in Biology. Onion cells do not have chloroplasts; therefore, they do not possess the green pigment, chlorophyll, that chloroplasts produce. Elodea plants do carry out photosynthesis.

Why don't you have to stain the elodea leaf cell?

The reason for this is that many cells have organelles that are very hard to see under a microscope, staining these cells allows you to more easily see these organelles. In the case of an Elodea, the invisble organelles is the central vacuole.