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it can function independently

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Q: Which is true about a daughter cell produces by mitosis?
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What is true about a daughter cell produces by mitosis?

it can function independently

Mitosis is one type of cell division that produces an exact duplicate of the nucleus cell True or False?

yes the mitosis is part of cell division that produce two daughter hahahahahaha

What is true about a daughter cell producted by mitosis?

it can function independently.

Mitosis is one type of cell division that produces identical copies f the cell?

A. True :)

Is it true Mitosis results in 4 diploid daughter cells?

Meiosis produces four haploid cells. Mitosis produces two diploid cells.

Is it true that A cell divides to produce daughter cells that are genetically different?

It is true ONLY for meiosis II. Mitosis and Meiosis I produce identical daughter cells.

Is true or false if a species only used mitosis to reproduce its offspring would be exactly the same because their genetics would be identical.?

This is true. Mitosis produces new cells with exactly the same genes as the parent cell.

What cell division do daughter cells have the same number of chromosomes as parent cell?

The daughter cells resulting in mitotic cell division are genetically identical to the mother cell. This means that they have the same amount of chromosomes, which are replicated in the mother cell prior to splitting.

Is it true that each new daughter cell has a different genetic code than the mother cell?

Each daughter cell has the exact same genetic code as the parent cell in mitosis. This is why cells that become old or damaged can be replaced during one's life.

When a cell divides through mitosis each daughter cell receives half of the parent cell's genetic code is it true?

No. Due to DNA replication before mitosis, each daughter cell receives the same number of chromosomes as the parent cell. So if the parent cell has 38 chromosomes, the daughter cells will have 38 chromosomes.

Is it true that mitosis is a process in which cells divide producing identical daughter cells?

Yes, it is true.

Is this true An organism makes more cells by mitosis in order to grow and get larger?

Yes, it is true. Mitosis is a cellular process that allows an organism to produce more cells in order to grow, repair, and replace old or damaged cells. During mitosis, a parent cell divides into two identical daughter cells, each with the same genetic information as the parent cell. This process contributes to overall growth and development of an organism.