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Q: Which organelle possesses stalked granules
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What cell organelle is responsible for packaging zymogen granules?

The Golgi Apparatus

What organelle would be most common in neurons?

Ribosome, nissle's granules

What specialized organelle would you expect to find in a potato cell?

The specialized organelle found in a potato cell is an amyloplast. It is responsible for the synthesis and storage of starch granules.

What is the organelle that functions in photosynthesis?

Photosynthesis occurs in chloroplast, generally storage granules or vesicles does the nutrient storage function.

Does an organelle possess the properties of life?

No. It possesses many of them, like reproduction, response to stimuli, organization, etc. but still it can't maintain homeostasis by itself. An organelle can't survive by itself. It needs the other parts of the cell, so thus it's not considered alive.

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