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Between one and two million slaves died on the crossing, leaving many corpses in the bowel of the ship to rot among his companions.

10% of slaves would die on the ships. And up to 30% if it was a bad voyage!


That statistic is wrong. 20 million embarked on the voyage and about half made it.


Once the slaves showed signs of diseases or were dead they would throw them over board to prevent diseases spreading. On average 1/8 of all slaves were lost and 1 1/2 million Africans are buried in the Atlantic Ocean between Africa and Americas.

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Q: How many slaves died on the middle passage?
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How were the slaves contorlled on the middle passage?

They were in chains in the bottom of the ship. Many died during the passage.

How many slaves survived the middle passage?

about 10 or 11 million survived the middle passage.

What is meant by middle passage of the slaves?

The middle passage was a passage taken by boat from Africa to Spain for slave trade conducted by the US in the sixteen hundreds. It was a very brutal and dangerous trip as the slaves were treated horribly and many often died in the trip. My knowledge is basic, but I hope this helps.

Who created the middle passage?

The slave trade created middle passage as a way to transport slaves from Europe across the Atlantic Ocean to the Americas With minimal trouble. The conditions of middle passage were deplorable with the odor unbearable and sickness, disease, and raw sewage in abundance. Many slaves died in route, and many more were unsellable due to their weakened condition.

How many slaves survived the journey to the Americas?

Roughly 10.7 million slaves survived the Middle Passage.

What influence did the middle passage have on slavery in the colonies?

The middle passage is how slaves got to America - in a stink infested and filthy cargo hold on a slave ship. Many slaves died enroute, making the slaves that made it sell at a higher price because of supply and demand. Many slaves were so weak they could not work and more than likely met an untimely death at the hands of a slaver.

Why did many slaves die during the middle passage voyage from Africa to the Americas?

Most of the slaves faced horrible conditions on the ships.

What is the past west across the Atlantic ocean for many slaves?

The Middle Passage, as Americans called it.

What was the trip taken by slaves across the anlantic ocean called?

The trip taken by slaves across the Atlantic Ocean was called the Middle Passage. It was the second leg of the triangular trade route, which also included trade between Europe and Africa, and between the Americas and Europe. The Middle Passage was a horrific journey, and many slaves died from disease, malnutrition, and abuse. Here are some of the conditions that slaves faced during the Middle Passage: They were packed tightly into the holds of ships, often with no more than 6 square feet of space per person. They were chained together, and they were not allowed to move around freely. They were given very little food and water, and they were often forced to drink their own urine. They were exposed to disease, and many died from illnesses such as cholera, dysentery, and yellow fever. They were often beaten and abused by the crew of the ship. The Middle Passage was a long and dangerous journey, and it is estimated that between 10 and 20 million Africans died during the voyage. Those who survived the Middle Passage were then forced to work as slaves in the Americas. The Middle Passage was a dark chapter in human history, and it is important to remember the suffering that millions of Africans endured during this period.

How many people died during the middle passage of the triangular trade?


African slaves most inhumane treatment evident in the middle passage?

Slaves were treated so inhuman (badly) during the middle passage. They were kept on the bottom of ships. They were chained down. Slaves were hardly given any food and they had to go to the bathroom right where they were chained.

Why are the ships of the middle passage called floating coffins?

Many of the slaves were kept in the hold and only by luck did they survive the trip.