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Q: A possible Lewis structure of a molecule for which more than one Lewis structure can be written is called?
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Why can the structure of the DNA molecule be called a code?

The color of your eyes, hair etc. everything about us is written on our DNA. When it is replicated it is identical.

What is a Structure made of atoms bonded together called?

a molecule see

What is the structure of a atom joined together with a covalent bonds called?

Molecule :)

When atoms bind together into an orderly three dimensional structure is called a what?


Is the structure that results when atoms are joined together by covalent bonds is called an?


A portion of a DNA molecule wound around a spool of histone protein is called a?

Such a structure is called a Nucleosome

A lack of electircal symmetry in a molecule charge difference in oppsosite ends of a structure?

A lack of balance in the charge at opposite ends of a structure is called a polar molecule or an ionic compound depending on the component elements.

A DNA molecule has a unique design that resembles a spiral staircasescientists call this design?

A DNA molecule that resembles a spiral staircase is called a double helix. The double helix is formed as a consequence of its secondary structure. This is an important component in helping determine its tertiary structure.

He fatty acids in the tail of a phospholipid molecule are?

This is called the hydrophobic 'side' of the phospholipid molecule

A rod-shaped structure that forms when a single DNA molecule and its associated proteins coil tightly before cell division is called?


What stores a molecule called DNA?

In eukaryotes, DNA is stored in the nucleus. In prokaryotes, the DNA is in the cytoplasm, though it may be bunched up in a structure called a nucleoid, which has no membrane around it.

The structure that results when atoms are joined together by covalent bonds is called a?

A covalent molecules are molecules formed by covalent bond(sharing of electrons) b/n nonmetals with the exception of amonium ion to satisfy octate electron.