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Calcium chloride has an ionic bond.

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Q: CaCl2 is a salt that forms as the result of what type of bond?
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Is CaCL2 a acid or base or salt?

CaCl2 -----> Ca2+ Cl-it is a salt

Table salt is the result of?

Table salt is the result of an ionic bond. These ionic bonds are formed as a result of a chemical reaction between chlorine and sodium.

Which salt will result in a temperature increase when added to water?

The salt that will result in a temperature increase when added to water is calcium chloride (CaCl2). This is because it is an exothermic salt, meaning it releases heat when dissolved in water.

Table salt is the result of a hydrogen bond?

Heck, no. NaCl (table salt or Sodium Chloride) is formed as a result of an ionic bond. A hydrogen bond is usually, if not always, in reference to water, and is much weaker than an ionic bond.

What type of bond will form between Ca and Cl?

The chemical name for CaCl2 is calcium chloride.

What type of bond forms between Cesium and Iodine?

CsCl like NaCl is a salt. The cesium has an ionic bond with the chloride.

A chlorine atom will steal an electron from a sodium atom. The result is called an between the sodium and chlorine ions. this forms sodium chloride known as salt?

ionic bond

Table salt forms a crystal in which the elements are held together by?

ionic bond

CaCl2 is the notation for which salt?

calcium chloride

What are the scientific symbols for salt?

This depends upon the salt. Common table salt is NaCl or Sodium Chloride. The molecule has an ionic bond; the sodium forms a positive ion and the chlorine forms a negative ion.

Is CaCl2 a salt or ion?

salt. It's made by the two ions, Ca2+ and 2Cl- .

Is CaCl2 a electrolyte?

Yes. If dissolved in water it will ionize, where the charged ions are able to pass on electricity.