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The end value of "n" is 2.

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Q: Determine the end value of n in a hydrogen atom transition if the electron starts in n equals 4 and the atom emits a photon of light with a wavelength of 486nm?
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What color is the wavelength of light in the balmer series that results from the transition of an electron from n4 to n2?

The n4-n2 transition of hydrogen is in the cyan, with wavelength of 486.1 nm. blue = als

Quantum-mechanical model for the hydrogen atom which of the following transitions would produce light with the longer wavelength 3p2s or 4p3p?

A transition from 4p to 3p will produce light with a longer wavelength. This is because this transition is a smaller energy exchange than that of 3p to 2s (longer wavelength = less energy.)

What is the wavelength of a photon that will induce a transition from the ground state to the n equals 4 state in hydrogen?

That is the "gamma" line of the Lyman series: 94.97 nanometers.

What do Each of the colored lines in hydrogen's emission spectrum corresponds with?

transition of an electron from a higher energy level to a lower energy level.

To which series would the emitted light belong if an electron in a hydrogen atom underwent a transition from level n 5 to level n 1?


Is hydrogen a transition metal?

No, hydrogen is a gas.

Hydrogen sometimes is ________________ an electron and sometimes it has an _____________ electron.?


What are the Electron Configuration of hydrogen?

Hydrogen electron configuration will be 1s1.

What is the difference between hydrogen and an electron?

Hydrogen is an element, the electron is a subatomic particle.

What has one electron?


What are the orbits of hydrogen?

Hydrogen only has one electron orbit, as it only has one electron.

Who is lighter electron or hydrogen atom?