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No. As copper is low on the reactivity series it only releases a small amount of hydrogen and it also changes colour due to oxidisation.

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Q: Does copper burst into flames like magnesium?
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What happends when magnesium reacts with acid?

Magnesium, like all metals above copper on a standard reactivity series chart, will liberate hydrogen gas.

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Is Hydrogen produced when Magnesium reacts with copper sulfate solution?

The activity series of metals goes something like this: Lithium Potassium Barium Calcium Sodium Magnesium Aluminum Zinc Iron Nickel Tin Lead Hydrogen Copper Mercury .............and so on..... ps, I might have left some elements out....can't remember them all... Since magnesium is higher in the reactivity series of metals, it can replace copper in a reaction. Copper is lower in the activity series of metals therefore can not replace magnesium.

Will magnesium sulphate damage a copper fountain?

Not the copper, but what about everything else in the system? It will also slowly precipitate as it reacts with things like carbon dioxide dissolved in the water.

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What is d class fire?

Combustible metals like Aluminum, Magnesium, Lithium, Sodium, Copper, Ext.

What elements react with sulfuric acid?

Metals like sodium, magnesium, zinc and iron can react with sulphuric acid. However, less reactive metals like copper and gold do not.

What are the difference between a substance's physical properties and its chemical properties?

Chemical properties involve reacting with another substance. IE: burning of magnesium requires oxygen after which it is no longer magnesium. Physical properties do not. IE: metals are malleable, some very malleable, like copper wire can be bent with your hand. BUT it is still copper wire.

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When magnesium burns in air what do you see happen?

When magnesium (Mg) burns in excess oxygen (O2) you will see a very, very bright light. Do not look at the light. The magnesium will turn black/like ash. This is magnesium oxide. One possible chemical equation for this reaction is2Mg (s) + O2 (g) => MgO (s)for those of you just learning chemistry, the (s) in brackets symbolises the state- s for solid, l for liquid, g for gas, or "aq" for "in solution" (literally "aqueous").