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I believe it will. This is because jelly melts by heat, and the bigger the surface area is, the exposure to heat will be greater. Imagine 50 kg of really thin ice with the thickness of 1 cm, and a cube of ice that weighs 50 kg. Which do you think will melt faster.

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Q: Does jelly dissolve faster if you have a big surface area?
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Which will dissolve faster a substance with little surface area or the one with a large surface area?

One with a large surface area because the solvent will be able to dissolve more solute simultaneously.

Why granulated sugar will dissolve faster in a cup of coffee than sugar cubes?

Granulated sugar has more surface area exposed to the coffee, therefore it will dissolve faster.

Why does breaking a jelly block into small pieces help it to dissolve more quickly?

The small pieces have a larger combined surface area than the previous large piece had. When you cut the block into pieces, you are exposing new surfaces that were previously on the inside of the block. And the process of dissolving happens at the surface. So the more surface is exposed, the faster something can dissolve.

How is the surface area of a solid related to its solubility?

A greater surface area means a greater portion of the solid(solute) is in contact with the solvent at a given time. This increases the area in which interaction between the 2 substances can take place, and thus the rate at which the solute dissolves.

What dissolve faster in water CRYSTAL of table salt or the same amount of crushed salt?

Crushed salt will dissolve faster as it has a larger surface area providing more contact with the water.

Why do you crush solids before putting them into a solvent?

To increase the surface area of the solute, which allows it to dissolve faster.

What does increasing the surface area of a solid do to the solution?

When the surface area is higher, it helps to dissolve it in the solution faster.

How the size of particles affect the way the particles dissolve?

The smaller the particle the faster it dissolves. This is because the process by which a solute dissolves takes place at the surface of the solvent. That means the larger the surface area of a particle or solute, the faster the solute will dissolve.

Does a solid dissolve faster when it is ground because grinding decreases the surface area?

Yes, it is true, the surface area is now higher.

Why does powdered soap dissolve faster than a bar soap?

Greater surface area for the solvent to act upon.

Why does a powdered soap dissolve faster than a bar soap?

Greater surface area for the solvent to act upon.

Does a solid dissolves faster when it is ground?

YES!answ2. Dissolution of a solid is a surface phenomenon. Smaller particles have more surface area than larger ones do. So they dissolve faster.