Does nylon 66 contain h bond?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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In 6,6 nylon, the hydrogen bonds directly line up creating a strong,

dense polymer structure.

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Q: Does nylon 66 contain h bond?
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What type of bond is NH4NO3?

ionic bond as it contain two ion NH4+ and NO3-. NH4+ as it contain covalent bond between N and H. Also in NO3- oxygen bound by one covalent bond and one partial bond to each oxygen.

Does H2CO contain a double bond?

Yes. H2CO is formaldehyde or methanal. It has two single C-H bonds and a C=O double bond

Does NH3 contain a hydrogen bond?

H bonds formed among NH3 molecules.Not inside a molecule.

Is the energy of H-bond equal to O-H bond?

No. O-H bond energy is larger

What is the half life of a radioactive substance if 2.4G decays to 1.80G in 66 hours?

The half-life of a radioactive substance that decays from 2.4g to 1.8g in 66 hours is 159 hours. AT = A0 2(-T/H) 1.8 = (2.4) 2(-66/H) 0.75 = 2(-66/H) log2(0.75) = log2(2(-66/H)) -0.415 = -66/H H = 159

Who invented nylon stockings?

dr.wallace h. carothers

N-H bond in NH4Cl bond?

C Polar covalent

What is a description of the ionic bond and the covalent bond?

An example of covalent bond is ;H + H=H2 as covalent means sharing of electrons molecules is involved in covalent bond not ions. an example of ionic bond is; H+ + Cl-=H+Cl-

Why the H-F bond is expected to be more polor than the H-I bond?

The H-F bond is more polar than the H-I bond because F (fluorine) is more electronegative than I (iodine). It thus attracts the shared electrons more than does the I, making it a more polar bond.

What type of bond is h and h?

A Covalent Bond (usually between non-metals)

What is the chemical bond for H-O?

The bond between H and O is polar covalent.

What bond does not have a dipole moment A. N-H B.O-H C.F-H D.H-H E.S-H?

H-H bond has no dipole moment as both the atoms are the same.