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fresh water will!


Hey, I did an experiment on this for my science project and it was saltwater that boils easier. If you do this experiment you have to do it multiple times to make sure you get the average. It boils faster, because it has more particles which makes it warmer. For example, when we wear sweatpants, we get warm, and when we wear less clothing we take longer to warm up. Just like the particles. More particles= more heat Less particles= less heat

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Q: Does the sun heat saltwater and freshwater at the same rate?
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It doesn't make a difference weather it is saltwater or freshwater because they will cool at the same rate it is just that when saltwater evaporates it will leave the salt particles behind.

What is the same about freshwater and saltwater?

they are both fish?

Does salt water freeze at the same temperature as normal water?

no, because if you put saltwater and freshwater in the freezer saltwater will not freeze completely ,because it has salt in it and it will not freeze at the same rate as freshwater that is my answer to this question.

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The same as in the ocean

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Freshwater and saltwater fish are in the same phylum that we are, and reptiles and amphibians and birds are in; phylum chordata, subphylum craniata, subphylum vertebrata.

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I'm not sure what you mean by a freshwater salmon exactly, but the fish commonly called a sea trout is a type of perch and completely unrelated to salmon.

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