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The Atomic Mass of potassium is 39.10 g/mol.

1.90 mol K * (39.10 g K / 1 mol K) = 74.3 g K
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Q: How many grams in 1.90 moles of K?
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How many moles are in K?

There are 39.0983 grams in one mole of K (potassium). a mole is a number. you cannot ask how many moles are in potassium. but you may ask how many moles of a certain substance are in potassium.

How many moles in 156 grams of Potassium?

Molecular weight of potassium (K): 39.1 g/mole...Just divide 156 by the molecular weight to get moles:156/39.1 = 3.99 moles K

How many grams in 3 mole of potassium?

This problem requires potassium's atomic mass. Take the number of moles multiply it by the atomic mass. Going from grams to moles, you would divide instead. 3.00 mole K × (39.1 grams) = 117.3 grams K

How many moles are in 0.98 grams of potassium?

Divide mass by atomic mass: 0.98 (g K) / 39.1 (g/mol K) = 0.020 mol K

How many moles of potassium are in 156.4 grams?

Atomic mass of potassium, K = 39.1 Amount of potassium is 156.4g sample = 156.4/39.1 = 4.00mol There are 4 moles of potassium in 156.4 grams of potassium.

How many moles are in 2.0 grams of potassium?

Atomic mass of potassium, K = 39.1 Amount of K in 2.0g sample = 2.0/39.1 = 0.0512mol

Which equivalence factor should you use to convert from 38.2 grams of K to moles of K?

can you help with this question

How many grams of oxygen gas are present in 44.8l of oxygen at STP?

I forget the easier way, so we do it this way. Use PV = nRT and find moles O2. (1 atm)(44.8 liters) = n(0.08206 L*atm/mol *K)(298.15 K) = 1.831 moles O2 1.831 moles O2 (32.0 grams/1 mole O2) = 58.6 grams of O2

How many moles in 284 grams of potassium?

Potassium has atomic number 39.1.Amount of K in 284g sample = 284/39.1 = 7.26molThere are 7.26 moles of potassium in a 284g sample.

How many grams of potassium are there in 7.20 mol of potassium atoms?

7.20 moles K x 39.1 g/mole = 281.52 g K = 282 g K (to 3 significant figures)

How many grams of KO2 would be required to produce 1120.0L of O2 at 20.0 degrees Celsius and 1.00atm?

Use.PV = nRTTo get moles O2. ( 20.0o C = 293.15 Kelvin )(1.00 atm)(1120.0 L) = (X moles)(0.08206 L*atm/mol*K)(293.15 K)Moles = 1120.0/24.56= 45.60 moles O2-----------------------------------now,45.60 moles O2 (1 mole KO2/2 mole O2)(71.1 grams/1 mole KO2)= 1621 grams potassium oxide required=============================

How many grams are in 0.180 mole of K?

The atomic weight of K is 39.098 and so 0.180 moles would be: 39.098 x 0.180 = 7.038 g to 3 decimal places.

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