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The reaction is:
4 Fe + 3 O2 = 2 Fe2O3
The answer is 319,38 g.

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Q: How many grams of iron oxide are produced from 8.00 mol of iron?
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How many grams of iron can be obtained from a 268g sample of iron 3 oxide?

Iron (III) oxide -> Iron + OxygenSteps to find the mass of iron obtained from 268g of iron (III) oxide:Step 1: Write the balanced equation2Fe2O3 -> 4Fe + 3O2Step 2: Identify key reactants and products2Fe2O3 -> 4FeStep 3: Write down the mole ratio2 moles : 4 molesStep 4: Change moles into gram formula mass2((2x56)+(3x16)) : 4(1x56)320g : 224gStep 5: Find out how many grams of iron will be produced for every gram of iron (III) oxide1 gram = 224/320 = 0.7gStep 6: Find out how many grams of iron will be produced for 268 grams of iron (III) oxide268 grams = (224/320)x268 = 187.6 gramsThe mass of iron produced from 268 grams of iron (III) oxide is 187.6 grams.

A 55 g sample of iron reacts with 24 g of oxygen to form how many grams of iron oxide?

79 grams

How many atoms of iron rusted that weight 63.8 grams?

Rusted iron is FeO, iron oxide. 63.8 grams FeO (1 mole FeO/71.85 grams)(6.022 X 1023/1 mole FeO) = 5.35 X 1023 atoms of iron oxide -------------------------------------------

How many grams of water will be produced if 32.0 g of nitrous oxide are also produced in the reaction?


How many grams of iron will be needed to react completely with an excess of oxygen to form 40 grams of iron3 oxide?

28g Fe

Sodium oxide and water react to produce sodium hydroxide. How many grams of sodium hydroxide is produced from 120.0g of sodium oxide?

155.2 g

NH3 O2 NO H2O how many grams of no are produced from the complete reaction of 160.00 g of o2 If the percent yield of the above reaction is found to be 89.58 how many grams of NO are produced?

The mass of nitrous oxide is 262,8 g.

There are 3 grams of magnesium and 2 grams of oxygen if 4 grams of magnesium oxide is produced and all of the magnesium was used up how many grams of oxygen are left?

i dont know help :C

Iron III oxide is formed when iron combines with oxygen in the air How many grams of Fe2O3 are formed when 16.7 g of Fe reacts completely with oxygen?


How many grams of iron could be recovered from 75.89 g FeO?

75.89 grams of FeO is equal to 1.06 moles of iron II oxide. In decomposition, there would be 1.06 moles of iron recovered, or 58.99 grams.

How many grams of ammonia are consumed in the reaction of 75.0g lead (II) oxide?

The complete question: Lead (II) oxide reacts with ammonia forming solid lead nitrogen gas and liquid water. 1.)How many grams of ammonia are consumed in the reaction of 75.0g lead (II) oxide? 2.) If 56.4g of lead are produced how many grams of nitrogen are also formed?

How many moles in 8200G of Fe?

The molecular mass of iron(III) chloride is 55.8 + 3(35.5) = 162.3 Amount of iron (III) chloride in a 80.5g pure sample = 80.5/162.3 = 0.496mol