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If delta G is negative, then K (Upper case K, as in Keq or the equilibrium constant) will be greater than 1.  Remember that delta G = -RT log K.

Do not get Keq confused with lower case k, which denotes rate constants (which have NOTHING TO DO WITH Keq or delta G).

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Q: If delta g is negative what can be said about k?
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How is delta g related to K?

K brings a process including delta g into equilibrium in a reaction. The two work together to maintain a reaction's equilibrium keeping it stable and helping it to continue at a stable rate.

What is the value of delta G at 500 K if delta H 27 kJmol and delta S 0.09 kJ(mol K)?

∆G = ∆H - T∆S∆G = 27 kJ/mole - (500 deg)(0.09 kJ/mol-deg) ∆G = 27 kJ/mole - 45 kJ/mole ∆G = - 18 kJ/mole (Note the minus sign indicating the process is spontaneous)

What can be said about a reaction with H -890 kJmol and S -0.24 kJ(mol K)?

It can be said to be exothermic since H is negative. Also below a temp of 3708ºC, the reaction will be spontaneous because ∆G will be negative. This is from ∆G = ∆H - T∆S.

Formulas of a unity-feedback loop?

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