Is Fe a acid or base?

Updated: 8/10/2023
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It's a salt. It's also weakly acidic, since it's the salt of a very strong acid and a weak base.

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it is a non-soluble salt

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Neither; it is a metallic element.

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Q: Is Fe a acid or base?
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Is FeCL3 an electrolyte?

Yes, it is a Lewis acid. To determine whether a salt is acidic or basic, try the following.1. Figure out which acid and base would make the salt (in this case Fe(OH)3 and HCl).2. Whichever of the acid or base is the stronger is what the salt will be. In this case, HCl is a strong acid, iron(III) hydroxide is a weak base, so the salt is acidic.

Is FeBr3 a base or an acid?

Since Fe+ is more reactive than H+, I would guess that it is slightly acidic, but let me look that up for you... Yep. It will react with water to form a solution of a strong acid, hydrobromic acid, and a pretty weak base, iron(III) hydroxide (Which is actually weak because it forms FeO(OH).H2O, iron(III) oxide hydroxide hydrate.)

What is the parent acid of Fe(NO3)2?

Nitric acid: HNO3

Is FeBr3 a Bronsted Lowery base?

It is a Bronsted-Lowery base because the carbonyl oxygens will readily accept a proton.

How can an acid turn to base?

An acid can turn into a base if you mix a much stronger base with it! That way the base acid overpowers the acid and makes the acid a base!

Is acetamide acid or base?

It is a base It is a base It is a base

What best describes a bronsted lowry acid base reaction?

Acid + base conjugate base + conjugate acid

What is iron hydroxide plus nitric acid?

Iron Oxide is Fe[2]O[3] and Nitric acid is HNO[3]

Does flour react with acid?

Flour is a base, not an acid.

Is nahco3 acid or base?

It is a Base.

What is a congugate base?

The base which a certain acid turns into.Every acid had a conjugate base:HX (acid) X- (conjugate base)The acid is also called the base's conjugate acid.

Is silver carbonate an acid or base?

Its a acid base simply acid ;)