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Q: Is methane gas reacts with oxygen gas to produce carbon dioxide and water a combustion?
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What mass of carbon dioxide is produced from the complete combustion of 2.70103 g of methane?

Burning 2 700 g of methane produce 70406 g of carbon dioxide.

What reactants produce carbon dioxide?

When an organic molecule such as methane or ethanol undergoes complete combustion (in the presence of oxygen) it produces Carbon dioxide and water.

Methane oxygen carbon dioxide water?

methane and oxygen react together (combustion) to give carbon dioxide + water. The reactants are methane and oxygen which react to form the products water and carbon dioxide.

How are the products of combustion different when carbon is burnt rather than methane?

When carbon is burnt, Carbon Dioxide only is produced. When methane is burnt, both carbon dioxide and water are produced.

What are the two main products of the combustion of methane and other fossil fuels?

Burning methane releases only carbon dioxide and water.

What does methane do in the process of combustion?

It reacts with oxygen and becomes carbon dioxide and water.

Why is carbon dioxide and nitrogen produce when you burn methane?

Burning methane produces carbon dioxide and water vapor, but not nitrogen. This is because methane is composed of carbon and hydrogen, whose oxides are carbon dioxide and water respectively.

What other combustion reactions would produce carbon dioxide and water vapor?

Any combustion of an organic material produce carbon dioxide and water vapors.

What two substance are formed when methane is burned in plenty of oxygen?

When methane is burned in oxygen, assuming complete combustion, the products are carbon dioxide and water.

When methane and oxygen react in a combustion reaction what produces?

water vapors and carbon dioxide.

What mass of carbon dioxide is produced from the complete combustion of 8.80103g of methane?

The answer is 24,15 g.

What is a result of combustion?

Combustion of metals forms metal oxides. Combustion of hydrocarbons, like methane, forms carbon dioxide and water.