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First ionization energy of sodium is 495,8 kJ/mol.
First ionization energy of potassium is 418,8 kJ/mol.

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Q: What are the ionisation enthalpies of potassium and sodium?
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Is ionisation enthalpy of potassium higher than that of sodium?

The ionisation enthalpy of potassium is lower than that of sodium.

Why the first ionisation energy of potassium is only a little less than the ionisation energy of sodium?

both are in the same period which accounts for closeness. they are nonetheless different because there are more protons in the nucleus which means electrons are brought closer to it so there is a higher ionisation energy or potential

Is the ionisation energy of sodium same as chlorine?


Process by which ATP is used to move sodium ions out of the cell and potassium ions back into the cell?

Sodium-Potassium pump uses ATP (energy) to pump sodium out of cells and potassium back in.

What is the symbol for sodium potassium?

Sodium is Na Potassium is K

What is the atomic letter for sodium and potassium?

Sodium - Na Potassium - K

Which is more reactive sodium or lithium or potassium?

K; Potassium

What substances are transported by active transport?

Sodium Potassium

What three minerals control cellular fluid balance?

sodium and potassium

Is sodium potassium's common compound?

No, sodium and potassium are two separate elements.

How do you write sodium and potassium formula?

Sodium: Na Potassium: K ...seriously?

What is a brief description of the action of the sodium-potassium pump?

The sodium-potassium pump is a transmembrane protein in a cell membrane. It keeps large concentrations of sodium ions outside the cell, and potassium ions inside the cell. It does this by pumping the sodium ions out, and the potassium ions in.