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N2 + 3h2

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Q: What bond of reactants are broken 2nh3?
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When a chemical reaction occurs what does a chemical bond?

The bonds between the atoms in the reactants are broken, and new bonds are formed which results in new products, different from the reactants.

Can ammonia be broken down by chemical change?

The formula for the decomposition for ammonia would be 2NH3 --> N2 + 3H2

What bond is formed between reactants?

it depends on the reactant. and the bond could be colvalent, ionic, coordinate, hydrogen bond or a mixture of these.

Is bond making exothermic or endothermic?

Bonds are both broken and made in an exothermic reaction, but in the end, the potential chemical energy of the products is less than the potential chemical energy of the reactants.

How many moles of H2 bonds are broken if you react nitrogen with hydrogen according to the following reaction?

N2+3H2--> 2NH3 answer 3 moles of H2 bonds are broken

What must be true about the properties of the reactants and the properties of the products in a chemical reaction?

The reactants and the products must contain the same numbers of the same types of atoms, that is, atoms with the same atomic number, and either the products must contain at least one type of chemical bond distinct from any chemical bond in the reactants or the reactants must contain at least one type of chemical bond not found in the products.

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How are chemical bonds changed in reactions?

In any chemical reaction, at least one chemical bond is either broken or formed. However, particularly in organic chemical reactions, many bonds may remain intact from the reactants to the products, provided that at least one is broken or formed.

In what reaction are the reactants broken down into other substances?

Decomposition reaction

Why metabolism of food in the body is a chemical change?

Metabolism of food in the body is a chemical change for the same reason as any other chemical change: New chemical bonds are formed and/or chemical bonds existing in the reactants are broken. Both bond breaking and bond formation occur in metabolism.

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A chemical reaction in which a double bond of an unsaturated compound is broken and atoms are added at the point where the bond is broken?

The chemical reaction is the H2O bond with O2.