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Q: What does potassium permanganate dissolve in water or oil?
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What happens when you mix potassium permanganate with oil?

there will be a chemical reaction called combustion. potassium permanganate as the oxidant and oil obviously as fuel if the two were mixed they needed to release energy in form of heat.

How do you dissolve oil in water?

To desolve the oil in the water is to put soap to dissolve the oil in the water.

Would oil dissolve in water?

No, oil will not dissolve in water, it separates.

Does salad oil dissolve in water?

No, salad oil will not dissolve in water.

Can water and soap and oil be mixed together?

No.Only water and soap can be mixed together.Because,soap is the sodium or potassium salt of higher fatty acids.So,it will dissolve in water.Oil is an ester of glycerol with higher fatty acids and sodium or potassium salts of acids are generally insoluble in organic solvents.Esters are immiscible with water.Therefore,in the mixture of water,soap and oil,soap will dissolve in water and pure oil will float on water.

Can oil dissolve?

no, oil floats over water and does not dissolve.

How does oil dissolve in soap water?

Oil is insoluble in water (insoluble means it does not dissolve).

What will not dissolve in water?


Why doesnt oil dissolve in ocean water?

The reason why oil doesn't dissolve in ocean water is because oil is nonpolar and water is polar.

Does motor oil dissolve in water?

No. Oil and water are immiscible.

Why does gasoline do not dissolve in water?

gasoline does not dissolve in water because is part of an oil product , and oil dose not mix with water.

Name a molecule that does not dissolve well in water?

oil does not dissolve at all in water.

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