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Q: What exactly is purple acid phosphatase?
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What can an acid phosphatase test determine?

measures the amount of acid phosphatase in a person's blood, and can determine from what tissue the enzyme is coming. For example, it is important to know if the increased acid phosphatase is from the prostate or red blood cells

What happens to acid phosphatase levels when prostate cancer spreads to other parts of the body?

acid phosphatase levels rise, particularly if the cancer spreads to the bone. One-half to three-fourths of persons who have metastasized prostate cancer have high acid phosphatase levels

When bone is being resorbed acid phosphatase dissolves its?


Who developed the acid phosphatase test for semen?

Frank Lundquist

What tssues in the body have small amounts of acid phosphatase?

bone, liver, spleen, kidney, and red blood cells and platelets. Damage to these tissues causes a moderate increase in acid phosphatase levels.

What is the cause of acid phosphatase deficiency?

Delay in stabilisation of serum sample.

What is the tube top color for acid phosphatase blood test?


What has the author Per From Hansen written?

Per From Hansen has written: ''Acid' prostate phosphatase and production of testis hormone in man' -- subject(s): Phosphatase, Prostate gland, Hormones

What has the author Thaddeus Samorajski written?

Thaddeus Samorajski has written: 'Alkaline and acid phosphatase associated with degeneration and regeneration of the sciatic nerve' -- subject(s): Sciatic nerve, Phosphatase

Malignant diseases are accompanied by the rise of levels of what enzymes?

acid phosphatase, alkaline phosphatase, amylase, creatine kinase, gamma glutamyl transferase, lactate dehydrogenase, and terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase

What is a healthy phosphate level for water?

Normal phosphorus level is 2.5 - 4.5 mg/dl Ther is also an acid phosphatase and alkaline phosphatase.

What colour does phenolpthalien go when its added to acid?

In acid: colorless8.2 purple]In base: purple