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Ksp= [Products]^mole ratio



Since you didnt provide any numerical values, that's as far as you can go. You can look for known Ksp values at certain temperatures in some AP Chemistry books or online.

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Q: What is the ksp of AgNO3?
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What is the Solubility Product Constant Ksp for AgNO3?

it's soluble in water, so ksp is reaalllyy small--i wont be much of a help if you were looking for ksp to prove what i said;;

What happen when aqueous bromide and aqueous silver nitrate mixed?

Since the Ksp of AgBr is less than the Ksp of AgNO3, you can predict that the AgBr will precipitate out of solution and leave NO3- in the solution

What is the ksp of KCl?

Ksp of KCl is 7.9006

What is the ksp expression for calcium hydroxide?

ksp = [Ca+2][OH-]^2

If your cuvette had been dirty how would this have affected the value of ksp?

decrease Ksp

What is the Ksp for NiOH2?

for Ni(OH)2, Ksp=6.0*10^(-16)

Why Ksp is measured for salts only?

No. Ksp can be used for metals as well, such as lead (Pb). The Ksp for Pb is often very small, but increases with increasing temperature.

What is AgNO3?

AgNO3 is silver nitrate.

What is the Ksp for BaSO4?

The Ksp for BaS04, which is barium sulfate, is 1.1 x 10^-10. Ksp is the solubility product. It is the product of the solubility of the ions in moles per liter.

What is KSP means?

KSP means Kulang Sa Pansin that means when your talking to someone but she/he is not talking to you

When comparing q to ksp an inital q value greater the ksp indicates that what?

A precipitate will form

What is the relationship between Ksp and the product of ion concentrations in terms of determining whether a solution if those ions is saturated?

Ion product < Ksp Unsaturated solution Ion product = Ksp Saturated solution Ion product > Ksp Supersaturated solution

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What is the Solubility Product Constant Ksp for AgNO3?

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