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It is 11.3

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Q: What is the molarity of 35 per cent Hydrochloric acid solution with specific gravity of 1.8 gram per liter?
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The specific gravity of water is 1.0?

The specific gravity of pure water is 1.0000 at 4 °C and 1 bar. Deviations from this will change the specific gravity. At 0°C and 1 bar, liquid water has a specific gravity of 0.9999 (one of the only substances to EXPAND as it approaches its freezing point). At 100 °C and 1 bar, the specific gravity of liquid water is 0.9584. At 0 °C and 150 bar, liquid water has a specific gravity of about 1.007.

What is specific gravity and percentage purity of Hydrochloric acid?


What is the specific gravity of copper sulphate solution?

It depends on the concentration.

Concentrated hydrochloric acid is 37.0 percent by mass HCl and has a specific gravity of 1.19 What volume of this acid must be diluted to one liter to produce 0.300 M solution of the acid?

Molarity =(% by weight x density x 1000 mL/litre)/(Molecular weight x 100%) %by weight ={(Molarity x Molecular Weight)/(density x 1000 mL/litre)} x 100% Molecular weight - grams/mol (36.461 g/mol for HCl) Molarity - mol/litre Density - g/millilitre (Density may be listed as specific gravity) For the given conditions Conc.HCl 37.0%, 1.19 Molarity = (37.0 x 1.19 x 1000)/(36.461 x 100) Molarity = 12.07592 M Available = 12.07592 M HCl Required = 0.300 M HCl: V1 x C1 = V2 x C2 (1000[mL] x 0.300[M]) / (12.07592[M]) = 24.84283[mL] Dilute 24.84mL of 37.0% HCl to one liter to get 0.300M HCl solution.

What is the specific gravity of a 25 percent solution of Sodium carbonate?


If a salt solution has a specific gravity of 1.15 and a volume of 425mL what is the mass in grams of the solution?

489 grams

What is specific gravity of caustic soda?

It depends on the solution's degree of concentration or dilution.

In a car battery an acid solution is called?

Electrolyte of sulphuric acid to a specific gravity of 1250.

Why red blood cells are suspended in saline solution but not in pure water?

answer lies within "specific gravity".

A 5.0 percent glucose solution has a specific gravity of 1.06. What is the mass in g of 335.7 mL of the glucose solution?

335.7*1.06 = 355.842 grammes

What is the normality of 96 percent solution of sulphuric acid of specific gravity 1.84?

To find the molarity, we can set up the following factor labeling problem. Note that a specific gravity of 1.84 can be treated as a density of 1.84 g/ml. The molar mass of sulfuric acid (H2SO4) is 98.079 g /molM(mol/l)= (1.84 g/ 1 ml)(1000 ml/1 l)(1 mol/98.079 g)(.96 purity)= 18 mol/l= 18 MThe molarity is 18 mol/l. The pH of this solution would be -1.26...VERY ACIDIC.

What is the specific gravity of 1.6 percent sodium chloride solution?

The density (the expression specific gravity is obsolete) of NaCl is2,165 g/cm3.