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what is the molecular weigh of a gas if 15L of its vapor at 100C and 1 atm weigh 68g

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Q: What is the molecular weight of a gas if 15l of its vapor at 100c and 1 ATM weigh 68g?
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What is the molecular weight of a compound with pressure 750mm Hg volume 275ml weight 0.920g and temperature of 100c?

In order to find the molecular weight of a compound the components would have to be converted. The conversions are 750mmHg to .987atm, 275ml to .275l, the weight stays at .920g, and the temperature from 100c to 373.15k. These numbers plugged into the equation MW=mRT/(PV) the molecular weight is found to be -.63.

When does liquid change to vapor?

it depends what the liquid is. water liquid turns into vapour at 100c

Why when a substance is boiling it stays at 100C?

When a substance is boiling, a part af the substance becomes vapor, the vapor is warmer than 100°C but not the liquid part.

Why are hyper thermophiles that grow at temperatures above 100C seemingly limited to oceanic depths?

The oceans depths (tons of pressure) are pretty much the only place you will find water at over 100C. Anywhere else, and its water vapor!

What happens to the molecules of water vapor when the temperature of gas cool to 100c?

The molecules slow down and begin to change back to the liquid state.

Is there a company that makes a bluetooth for an LG 100c cell phone?

The lg 100c doesnt have bluetooth

What does barometric pressure have to do with evaporation?

Above the surface of liquid water is a layer of water vapor. It has pressure. The atmosphere also has pressure. It pushes against the water vapor. The water vapor pushes against the atmosphere. It is called vapor pressure. It is related to temperature. When the vapor pressure equals barometric pressure, water boils. Normally this occurs at 100C or 212F. If you reduce the barometric pressure, you can reduce the boiling point of water. So when the barometric pressure is lower, the water vapor above the water has an easier time mixing with the atmosphere. As it mixes with the atmosphere, it is replaced by vapor from the water. It evaporates.

Temperature in which a gas becomes a liquid?

Each gas condenses at a different temp. as for water vapor it condenses at 212F or 100C

Which is warmer -100C or 100F?

100F ! -100C is one hundred degrees below zero, while 100F is +37.77C

What would happen to a sample of water at 30 degrees c if it is heated until the temperature reaches 120 degrees c?

It would heat to 100 degrees C, and then begin to boil. The water vapor would be at 100C, and would rise away. If you kept the vapor combined, it would pressurize the container.

What is Fahrenheit 100c?

100ºC = 212ºF

What is the temperature on the earths moon?

The temperature on the moon ranges from roughly +100C during the lunar day to -100C during the lunar night.