What is the solution's pH and pOH?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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pH and pOH are a measure of the concentration of the hydronium ions and hydroxyl ions respectively in the solution.

pH = -log[H+]

pOH = -log[OH-]

and they are related: pH + pOH = 14

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Q: What is the solution's pH and pOH?
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Does a solution that has pH equals 7 has the same concentration of hydronium ions as a solution that has pOH equals 7?

Yes, if both solutions are at 25oC then in both solutions this is valid: pH + pOH = 14.0

What is the hydroxide-ion concentrations for solutions with 6.00 pH values?

If the pH is 6.00, then the pOH is 8.00 because pH + pOH = 14. pOH = 8.00 = -log[OH-] -8.00 = log[OH-] 10-8.00 = 1 × 10-8 M OH-

What is the pOH equation How can pOH be determined from pH?

pH + pOH =14

What if the pH of a solution is 7.6 what is the pOH?

The pOH is 6,4.

What is the pOH of an acid that has pH of 2?

It will have a pOH of 12. Because pH+pOH=14

Formula for calculation pH and pOH?

pH + pOH =14

How does pH and pOH compare to one another?

pH is -log[H(subscript 3)O+] pOH is the [OH-] pOH = 14 - pH apex

What is the pH if pKw is 14.26?

I will assume you are asking about the pH of pure water if pKw is 14.26. The relationship between pH, pOH, and pKw is as follows: pH + pOH = pKw. If it is pure, neutral water (no acids or bases present), then pH = pOH, so: pH + pOH = 14.26 2(pH) = 14.26 pH = pOH = 7.13

What is the the pOH if the pH of a solution is 7.6?

pOH +pH=14 pOH+7.6=14 pOH=(14-7.6)=6.4

Which is more acidic A liquid with a pOH of 12 or a liquid with a pOH of 4?

A liquid with a pOH of 4 is more acidic. The pOH scale is the inverse of the pH scale, so a lower pOH value corresponds to a higher concentration of hydroxide ions (OH-) and a lower concentration of hydrogen ions (H+). This indicates a higher acidity level.

How can th pH of a solution be calculated if the pOH is known?

We can subtract pOH from 14, using the formula pH + pOH = 14. This is only true at 14 degrees Celsius.

What is the pOH of a solution with a pH of 12?