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formaldehyde is sp2 hybradized and is trigonal planar.

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Q: What type of hybridization is found in formaldehyde and its shape?
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What types of hybridization allows for single double and triple bonds and what molecular shapes are formed with each type of bond?

in single bond hybridization will be sp3 and take tetrahedral shape as in CH4 in double bond hybridization will be sp2 and take planar triangle shape as in C2H4in triple bond hybridization will be sp and take linear shape as in C2H2

What type of hybridization is found in ammonia NH3?

Sp3 hybridization because of the three Hydrogens coming off of the Nitrogen plus one lone pair of electrons on the Nitrogen to satisfy it's octet rule.

Is hybridization a type of selective breeding?


What type of hybridization is present in water?


What type of hybridization is present in XeF2?

Xe belongs to the noble gas family so has 8 valence electrons...Xe => 5s25p6....... Two of these are bonded with fluorine. Thus it is left with 6 electronss i.e. 3 lone pairs.... So hybridization is sp3d ....the shape that should be =>Trigonal bipyramidal.... But it has 3 lone pairs on equatorial plane & 2 bond pairs on axial final shape =>LINEAR...

Where can i Purchase formaldehyde?

Go to: Type in: purchase formaldehyde It will give you a list of places that sell it.

What are s2 p3 etc?

Type of hybridization of molecule.

What type of matter is formaldehyde correctly classified?

Formaldehyde, HCHO, is an example of an aldehyde (or carbonyl compounds)

Is polyquaternium-10 a type of formaldehyde?

No. Polyquaternium-10 uses quaternary ammonium as a functional group. This is different from formaldehyde, which has an aldehyde as the functional group.

What type of hybridization is found in ethylene?

sp2. Each carbon is sp2 hybridised leaving a p orbital that can form a pi bond. The ethylene (ethene) molecule is planar.

What type of hybridIzation is c2br2?

There wont be a stable compound with the formula C2Br2. If there is then it will be sp hybridization of carbon. If the question is for CH2Br2, then carbon will be sp3 hybridized.

Which type of sp hybridization is exhibited by PCl5?

sp^3 d