Why do cells need signals?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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For coordination of It's activities.

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Q: Why do cells need signals?
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When your cells need energy they send signals to your brain how do these signals make you feel?


Nerve cells send out signals?

Yes they do send out signals

What is a cell that can receive and transmit signals?

Actually all cells can send and receive signals. For example every cell has a CD95(FASr) which receives signals from natural killer cells or T cells and results in cell death. Also all cells send signals through cell membrane receptors to neighboring cells. These signals prevent neighboring cell colonies from growing too big.(The lack of these signals is one of the problems with certain cancer cells)

What is carried to body by cells?


Can any cell perform phagocytosis?

No. Phagocytic cells need special structures/chemical signals/receptors to form pseudopods.

How do signals from the recepter cells get to the brain?


What are signals from other cells received by?


What happens when cells do not respond the signals that normally regulate their growth?

Cancer cells do not respond to the signals that regulate the growth of most cells. such cells called cancer cells divide uncontrollably and form masses of cells called tumors that can damage the surrounding tissues

What are three sources of signals related to the regulation of cel growth and division?

Three sources of signals related to the regulation of cell growth and division are growth factors, hormone signals, and signals from neighboring cells. Growth factors are molecules released by cells that promote cell proliferation. Hormone signals, such as those from the reproductive system, can also influence cell growth and division. Signals from neighboring cells, called contact inhibition, can regulate cell growth by preventing cells from dividing when they come into contact with other cells.

What nerve Cells transmit signals to muscle Cells?

These Types of nerve Cells are Known As Motor Neurons.

Why do skeletal muscle cells need to be physically connected to the outside environment?

Skeletal muscle cells need to be physically connected to the outside environment to receive signals from the nervous system and to contract in response to those signals. The physical connection allows for the exchange of nutrients, waste removal, and the delivery of oxygen to the muscle cells. Additionally, the connection allows for the removal of heat generated during muscle contractions.

Are hormones nerve cells?

No. neurons are the cells in the body that pass signals. Hormones are the chemicals that pass signals.