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Its because its an aniline and that is less electrophilic than an alkyl amine thats also there so that will be used instead.

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Q: Why the amino group of p-aminobenzoic acid does not participate in the synthesis of benzocaine?
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Why do you use NaHCO3 in the synthesis of benzocaine?

The synthesis occurs in acid conditions which protonate the amino group, the NaHCO3 lowers the pH so that the amino group is no longer protonated.

What is the specific term that refers to an amino acid whose lack inhibits protein synthesis?

The amino acid synthesis inhibitors is a term used to describe amino acids that lack inhibits protein synthesis. These inhibitors include the sulfonylureas, imidazolinones, and amino acid derivatives herbicide families

Is sunlight required for the synthesis of amino acids?

I do not

During protein synthesis what happens to amino acids?

During protein synthesis, the amino acids are linked together by peptide bonds. This process is carried out by the ribosomes.

How does amino acids get to the site of protein synthesis?

Amino acids are attached to transfer RNA to form an aminoacyl-tRNA and diffuse to the ribosome, which is the site of protein synthesis.

Where does surplus amino acids broken?

The primary uses of amino acids are as building blocks for protein and peptide synthesis and as a source of nitrogen for the synthesis of other amino acids. Amino acids considered to be "surplus" will be catabolized meaning surplus amino acids are used as metabolic fuel.

What molecule caries an amino acid to the site of protein synthesis?

mRNA, or messenger RNA, carries an amino acid to the site of protein synthesis. Ribosomes are the site of protein synthesis.

What are precursors of urea synthesis?

All amino acids

The amino acid that initiates protein synthesis?


What parts of the 2 amino acids are involved in dehydration synthesis?

Amino group and carboxilic group

WHEN Amino acid is not used for protein synthesis IT is?

Amino acids are pulled together by ribosomes to form proteins.

How many amino acid required for synthesis of melanin?