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If not controlled carefully, the resulting solution could be hypertonic or hypotonic, instead of being isotonic. This would cause pain at the infusion site, and would destroy cells that it came in contact with.

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Q: Why the concentration of solutions used for intravenous feeding must be controlled carefully?
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What concentration are most intravenous solutions- are they hypertonic isotonic or hypotonic?

Isotonic, because that is close to the concentration in the blood.

Sterility of intravenous solutions?

steam or super heated water

How is penicillin addmidistered?

Penicillin comes in tablets, intravenous solutions and intramuscular injections.

How does concentration differ in a solution?

Concentration is very variable in solutions.

Which intravenous solutions will most likely promote the growth of microorganisms?

10% lipid emulsions

On which property of solutions does the concept of concentration rely?

The amount of solute relative to solvent is what determines concentration. Therefore, solute is the property of solutions on which the concept of concentration relies.

What concentration of NaCl would you use to store human red blood cells?

Only isotonic saline (0.9%) is recommended for use with blood components. Other isotonic electrolyte solutions that have been approved by the FDA for this purpose may be used.Other commonly used intravenous solutions will cause varying degrees of difficulty when mixed with red cells. For example, 5% dextrose in water will hemolyze red cells. Intravenous solutions containing calcium, such as Lactated Ringer's solution, can cause clots to form in blood.

Is intravenous liquid a compound?

Liquids given intravenously are solutions in water so they are mixtures not compounds.

Classification of intravenous fluids?

There are many things that can be given intravenously, with the most common being lactors ringer and saline. Volume expanders, blood-based products, blood substitutes, medications and nutrition may also be given intravenously.

When concentration of two solutions is the same?


When the solution with the lower concentration of solutes is called?

It depends upon amount of solute if it in low concentration then solutions are Dilute solutions if it is very lw then solutions are very Dilute solutions.

Do two saturated citric acid solutions made at the same temperature always have the same concentration or volume?

Concentration because solutions that are the same and temperature wise as well theoretically will have the same concentration