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Acetic acid is a weak acid and therefore a weak electrolyte. A solution of it would have a low ion concentration and thus poor conductivity.

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Q: Why would a light bulb be dim when its electrodes are immersed in acetic acid?
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Does the focal length of mirror changes if it is immersed in liquid?

No. Light behaves the same way in the liquid as it would in the air (as far as reflection is concerned, so the focal length of a mirror would not change if it were immersed in liquid.

How would the bulb light if you tested copper sulfate and vinegar acetic acid for conductivity?

It will shine, but dimly.

Would a cork light up a light bulb?

try it, find out. I think it should if you us the right electrodes.

Is it possible to light a bulb with raw peanuts?

Yes and no. If the peanuts are moist, not dried, they will act an electrolyte between two dissimilar metal electrodes - zinc and copper for instance - and form a cell that would power a low-volt lamp. The peanuts would be best if ground into a paste to ensure good contact and a continuous path between electrodes. The is also possible with something like a whole apple or potato as well, just push the electrodes in, but what is really powering the lamp are the chemical reactions at the electrodes.

If you bought a 473 ml bottle of 5 percent vinegar how many milliliters of acetic acid would be in the bottle?

The volume of acetic acid would be 23.65 mL : 473 mL x 0.05 acetic acid/mL = 23.65 mL acetic acid

Does the weight of an object immersed in a buoyant liquid affect the buoyant force on the object?

It is not the weight of the immersed object but the volume of the object would affect the buoyant force on the immersed object because the buoyant force is nothing but the weight of the displaced liquid whose volume is equal to that of the immersed object.

Does mouthwash have a compound known as acetic acid in it?

Not usually. Acetic acid would give mouthwash the taste of vinegar.

How would your results be affected if acids other than acetic acid were present in the vinegar?

1. If acids other than the acetic acid were present in the vinegar, it would be difficult to determine the percent of just the acetic acid, since it would be mixed with another acid.

Would two magnesium electrodes make a good wet cell that produces a lot of voltage why or why not?

No, because they are the same conductor and do not make a "ramp" for the electrodes to move along. They need to be different in order to make the electrodes move.

What is the ionic compound for acetic acid?

If Acetic acid was reacted with a metal, the ion formed would be the acetate ion which is CH3COO-

What acids would you find in vinegar?

acetic acid

What would happen if the excess acetic anhydride is not removed in the reaction vessel?

If the excess acetic anhydride is not removed in the reaction vessel an unwanted reaction will occur. The acetic anhydride will react causing esterification.