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advantages of jbcc

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Q: What are the advantages of JBCC building contract in quantity surveying?
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What is the use of data book in quantity surveying?

A data book is a ready reckoner of formulae of geometrical properties of various shapes used in quantity surveying. It also gives equations used in the calculation of quantities such as Simpson's rule for calculation of earthwork.

Calculate quantity of steel in building?

Quantity of steel in building is calculated in many method. many engineer use to quantify the quantity of steel in a building by referring to detailed planned so they can compute the approximate weight of steel needed.

What is the differences between the contractors and consultant-quantity- surveyor?

A contractor quantity surveyor is professional who practice quantity surveying profession for the safe guardness and the benefit of a contracting firm in which some of his responsibility will be to submit tender documents for the and also to supervise and take proper measurement of every job done by the company while a consultant quantity surveyor helps his client to get proper value for his money in executing and project, he gives cost advice to the client atv the prelimnary stage ogf construction and he still makes sure the standard of workmanship, plant and functionality is still maintained..... though both are only aiming toward same primary goal which is to provide value for the person they are representing and at the same time still optimize production and qualitative standard of job done.....

What is the role of a quantity surveyor in the precontract phase of a building development?

Scrutinize, review of tender drawings/documents for discrepancies, additional BoQ items/scope and incorporating within the tender offer; Liaise with consultant regarding ambiguities contract work scope and seek clarifications there to. •Quantity Take Off for all Civil elements (manually, A-CAD) based on pricing preambles and compiling the Tender BoQ with description. •Analysis of rates for Labour, Material and Plant (fixed and variable) and thus assist build up costing, pricing and analysis of direct and indirect cost for the BOQ items. •Maintain vendors data base, Floating Enquiries to subcontractors and suppliers. •Analyze and compare quotations received at bid stage and clarifying exclusions/qualifications within. •Compilation of tender/bid offer submissions. •Any additional task assigned by superior / reporting head.

What is the Formula for calculating cement quantity in brickwork?

There is 0.01 m3 of mortor in brick work

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What has the author G A Hughes written?

G. A. Hughes has written: 'The anatomy of quantity surveying' -- subject(s): Building, Estimates

What has the author R D Buchan written?

R. D. Buchan has written: 'Estimating for builders and quantity surveyors' -- subject(s): Building, Estimates, Quantity surveying

Quantity surveying photos?


What are the advantages of learning quantity surveying?

A quantity surveyor calculates the cost of project in terms of budget, time and bills. They perform commercial risk analysis. Therefore jobs available for a quantity surveyor are in large construction firms, architecture firms, law firms, governmental agencies and construction advisory firms. If you have are certified quantity surveyor then you can get high pay scales. You can start your own business also. Dynamic Quantity Surveying Training Institute is one of well known institute in pune which I know. They provide practical training to Beginners and Engineers as per the Industry requirements of Construction companies in India and Abroad. They directly prepare Engineers for the various positions like Quantity Surveying, Billing Engineer, Project Manager, Estimators, Tendering, Contract Managers-Civil and More.You can find more information about the quantity-surveying-classes-courses-in-pune/

Why you choose quantity surveying as your course?

I liked building things as a kid and was always good with number; therefore this profession seemed i deal for me

What are the minimum educational requirements for jobs in quantity surveying?

There are many educational requirements for jobs in quantity surveying. One needs to have at least 2 years of post graduate study. One can find more information about quantity surveying online.

What has the author Dennis Frederick Turner written?

Dennis Frederick Turner has written: 'Design and build contract practice' -- subject(s): Buildings, Construction contracts, Handbooks, manuals, Specifications 'Quantity surveying' -- subject(s): Building, Estimates 'Building contracts: a practical guide' -- subject(s): Construction contracts

What are some well paid quantity surveying jobs in the US?

Some well paid quantity surveying jobs in the Untied States include being a Bunker Quantity Surveyor, an Estimating Engineer Quantity Surveyor, and a Cost Manager Quantity Surveyor.

What has the author Christopher James Willis written?

Christopher James Willis has written: 'Specification Writing for' 'More advanced quantity surveying' -- subject(s): Building, Estimates

What is taking off in quartity surveying?

In quantity surveying it means extracting all the measured items in a drawing so as to create a "bill of materials". For example, if building a home you need to know the quantity of all the materials required, so you 'take off' and list all the lumber, drywall, piping, fittings, tiles, etc., etc.

Where can one find listings for quantity surveying jobs?

Listings for quantity surveying jobs could be found within a large construction company, or on an online job listing site such as monster or careerbuilder.

What are the differences between quantity surveying and building surveying?

I think the guy below misunderstood a little. Quanity Surveying is concerned primarily with project cost where the number, amount, type of materials are counted and priced to provide project estaimtes, budget and cost control through the works. Generally considered to be a more mathematical role concerned with number crunching and cost Building Surveying covers a broad spectrum of roles from measured survey and design, structural surveys, legal matters such as leases and party wall awards, contract running and site supervision etc etc. More of a site based role liasing with clients and builders. Both are types of job within the construction industry in the UK and many Commonwealth countries. By "quantity surveying" I assume you are referring to surveys performed to compute the volume of some material such as sand, coal, rock, etc. "Building surveying" could cover a wide range of activities, depending on what you are building. The best short answer to your question is "accuracy". Volume surveys don't need to be exact - no one really worries if there are 4,000 CYD or 4,100 CYD of sand. However, when the steel beams arrive at the construction site, the bolts in the concrete foundation better fit into the holes on the beam.