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Q: Can a felon own and use a taser in wa st for self defense?
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Can a convicted felon in Texas carry a own a taser?

There is no Texas law that says a felon can not own a taser.

What does the company Taser International do?

Taser International sells products that would be used in self defense and also just for one's own safety. One of the main products that they sell is tasers, which would be purchased by police to become the superior person when a criminal is around.

What self defense weapons is it legal for an ex felon to own and carry for self defense?

In the USA, felony parolees are not permitted to carry any weapons of any kind, even for self-defense or hunting. Once they have successfully completed their parole, they might be permitted to have a weapon in their own home, depending on his/her State's laws and with the approval from his/her parole officer, but the felon would be prohibited from carrying the weapon outside their home (n.b., Federal laws prohibit any ex-felony convict from owning a gun, ever).

Can a felon carry a taser in Texas?

Yes, it is a third degree felony under Penal Code section 46.02 if the person is not: (1) on the person's own premises or premises under the person's control; or (2) inside of or directly en route to a motor vehicle that is owned by the person or under the person's control.

Do penguins have a self defense of their own?

If it ain't black and white peck scratch and bite

Can a convicted felon's wife or son own weapons that are not in the felon's place of residence?

can a convicted felon's wife own a firearm that is not in his home

How old do you have to be to own a taser?

Original TASER was classed as a pistol, and you had to be 21. Redesigned, they are no longer classed as a firearm. Laws will vary from state to state- 18 or 21.

Can a police officer decide self defense?

No, police officers cannot decide self-defense. Their report of the incident may reflect what they learned or witnessed at the time of the offense but their only job is to enforce the law impartially. It is the Judge or a jury of peers who decides whether self-defense was legally warranted and/or used.Added: HOWEVER - if the question is asking if a police officer may decide to use force in their own self-defense, THAT is a question that only they can decide. Their actions in their own defense (if alleged to be inappropriate), will be the subject of an inquiry into the circumstances that prevailed at the time they made the decision.

Can felons own investments?

There are no laws that state "a felon may not own investments", specifically. However, there are specific investments that a felon is barred from. For example, a felon may not own a liquor establishment.

Can a felon own a black powder gun in Virginia?

No. There is no state were a felon may own any firearm.

What the requirement of own and use a taser in the state of Virginia?

All a person has to do to carry or own a Taser in Virginia, is to pass a felony background check. This is a simple, approximately 10 minute, check. It can be done through Taser International's website or by calling them. The Taser C2 comes in an innactive state and you should contact Taser International, once you receive the unit from the seller. The Taser X26C come active, so you will be required to take the felony background check, before you purchase the unit. Once you pass the test, the seller will be able to send you the unit.

Can a class h felon have a gun?

no felon can own or purchase a gun