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Neji - 3rd July Kiba 7th July Sasuke 23rd of July

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Q: Does anybody in Naruto born in July?
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Does anybody like anyone in Naruto?

not me

How old is anybody killa?

Anybody Killa Was Born July 26 1973 So He Would 38 Years Old

Could Naruto beat Sasuke?

i think that naruto can beat anybody but sasuke is his tuffest challenge

Do Sasuke like anybody?

Yes. He does sakura and naruto

Does anybody know of a good Naruto game for PC?

As of yet, there are no official naruto games for PC. no you are wrong there is naruto kensey for PC

Is Sasuke older than Naruto?

Nope, Naruto is older by a few months actually sasuke IS older than naruto, because of the fact that sasuke was born in July and naruto in october. in the manga (500-501) you can see that sasuke was already born, while naruto's mom was pregnant.sasuke is about 3 months older than naruto.

Does Naruto love anybody?

Yes, he likes Sakura. Hinata also admitted she likes Naruto although no specific clues are given that Naruto like Hinata

How many girls in the world watch Naruto?

I watch naruto two im a tomboy but who says girls cant watch naruto.......... i dont hear anybody so girls can watch naruto

How old is Sakura when Sasuke is 18?

The same age she might be with him or Naruto. The were born the same year as Narutoplus taller at first!No they're not a year older than Naruto!Sakura was born march 28th,sasuke was born July 23rd and Naruto was born 10th october THE SAME YEAR.*proof*-manga 500,pg 11.

Does Naruto kiss anybody at all?

Yeah, Sasuke and that's probably it for now

Does anybody else like sakura apart from sasuke and naruto?

yes rock lee

What is Sasuke's birthday in Naruto?

July 23