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Easy, just get opponent on ring floor(must be in ring), drag towards the center of the ring, press triangle.

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Q: How Do You Get The Hunting Rko On Svr 2009?
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How do you rko some one off a ladder on svr 2009?

when your on a ladder you will have to be at full momentum and it will sat finisher press whatever button it says and you will rko your opponent off the ladder

How can you open a chair in svr 2009?

u cant its annoying though cus it would be so cool youd be able to jump off of it rko them onto it and way more

Who won WWE royal rumble 2009?

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Where can you download SVR 2009 PC game?

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Is Bobby Lashley in SVR 2009?

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Can you get the punjami prison match in svr 2009 for xbox 360?

sorry no, Punjabi Prison is not on SvR 2009

Can superstars from SVR 2008 be tranfered to SVR 2009?

No i'v tried

Does SvR 2009 have net play?


When does SvR 2009 release?

November 09 2009 in USA

How o you get Randy Orton to old in svr 2009?

Randy Orton is 29 in SvR 09

Are there any championship codes for svr 2009?

no no

When will svr 2010 come out?

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