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Randy Orton is 29 in SvR 09

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Q: How o you get Randy Orton to old in svr 2009?
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How do you create venom in SvR 2011?

go to randy orton

Are Randy Orton and john cena allies in svr 2011?

No there not............... Yes they are

How do you unlock the ref in smackdown vs raw 2010 for ps2?

Sorry you cannot unlock referee's in svr 2010 but their is Randy orton's referee attire that you must unlock in Randy orton's RTWM

Can a person use randy orton's ring music as their own?

It's a possibility. I've tried it on SvR 2009, 2010 and 2011, and it worked out really well! His theme music dominates all others!

How do you do stf against Randy Orton in svr 2011 on gm office?

Beat him down a little bit then do it if that doesnt work then use the objects in the GM `office

What wrestlers do the have on svr 2009?

only chris Jericho, john cena, triple h, Shawn micheals, undertaker, the miz, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Randy Orton, and mr. Kennedy are confirmed but any superstars that were there before wrestlemania 24 should be there.

Who can you unlock in SvR 2010?

Easy question. Bob Orton, The million dollar man, dusty Rhodes alt attire randy orton, alt attire edge, triple h , Shawn micheals, Jericho,jbl and brian kendrik

Is there a cheat code for bob orton on svr 10?


Do they have a demo of svr 2011?

they do but only what they showed at e3 featuring the miz chris Jericho randy orton and the undertaker but i don't know if it will appear on xbox live and psn later this year.

Who will be on the cover of svr 2011?

I think John Cena,Big Show,and The Miz, but when I went to E3 2010 they said Randy Orton,Shemeus,and someone else. So its one of those two.

How do you unlock dusty Rhodes on svr 2010?

you play randy orton's road to wrestlemania. in the wrestle mania match you pin cody rhodes. after you pin him dusty will have a match with you. you use a rko on him. and then you pin him.

How do you unlock the million dollar man on svr 2010?

do road to as randy Orton at week twelve pick million dollar man to kidnap beet him there will be a complement from him all four color buttons will pull up press y that will give him a rko then when you go to your locker room it will say everybody has a price you unlocked million dollar man