How does yahiko die?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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If you're talking about when Pein fights Naruto, then Naruto kills the body.

If you're talking about before Nagato started using his body, then he practically stabs himself on a kunai that Nagato's holding

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Q: How does yahiko die?
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When did Yahiko Mishima die?

Yahiko Mishima died in 1954.

How did Nagato feel when Yahiko die?

When Yahiko died, Nagato was devastated and depressed. He was also enraged with Hanzo.

How did yahiko die?

danzo captured konan and he wants nagato to kill yahiko and if he doesn't danzo will kill konan nagato picks up the kuni knife and yahiko grabs his hand and sticks it threw him

Who trained Yahiko?

Jiraiya trained Yahiko.

When was Yahiko Mishima born?

Yahiko Mishima was born in 1886.

When was Myลjin Yahiko created?

Myōjin Yahiko was created in 1994.

Is nagato and konan protective of yahiko?

Yes they where, but since Yahiko was the leader of their gang, it was Yahiko who was most protective against the other two.

Who is the creator of AkATSUKI?

Yahiko and Konan as well as other people were in the akatsuki. Yahiko was the creator.

Does Nagato hates konan and loves yahiko?

no,nagato is a boy,yahiko is a boy,and konan is a girl

Who likes konan?


Was yahiko a part of the akatsuki when he was young?

LOL... hell NO Pain join or (created akatsuki that he claims with is not 100% true) AKATSUKI after Yahiko's death Actually Nagato become PAIN after Yahiko's death itself

Is yoshiko uchida dead?

before madara made the akatsuki the leader of some village who cannot hold the position of a kage captured konan and asked nagato to kill yahiko if they want her to live. nagato didn't want to but yahiko killed himself. nagato used yahiko's corpse to be one of pain's six paths. later nagato died as so did all pain's six paths.