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Kane is the current WWE Tag Team champion along with Daniel Bryan. He is a multiple time tag team champion. He has been tag team champion with the following wrestlers:

a. Undertaker - 3 times

b. Big Show - 2 times

c. Daniel Bryan - 1 time

d. Man Kind - 2 times

e. The Hurricane - 1 time

f. X-Pac - 2 times

g. RVD - 1 time

In all, he is a 12 time tag team champion in the WWE (including his titles reigns as the erstwhile WWF)

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Q: How many times Kane have been World Tag Team Championship champion?
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Will Kane ever win the world heavyweight championship?

In my opinion yes. kane has been wwe champion and ecw champion but i think yes to the world championship.

How many times Kane have been world heavyweight champion?

once as far as 2011

How many times has edge been WWE champion?

edge is an 11 time world champion 5 time intercontinental champion 14 time wwe tag team champion he has won king of the ring 2001 he has won the royal rumble he has been 7 time world heaviweight champion and 4 time wwe champion has won the first ever money in the bank and i think us champion 1 too

Who won the WWE world heavy weight champion ship edge or Kane at survivor series?

Kane became still World Heavyweight Champion.

How many times was the Undertaker buried?

The Undertaker is undefeated at wrestlemania with an 19-0 record, which is the single longest undefeated Wrestlemania streak in WWE history. Undertaker is an eight-time world champion: a 4 times WWF/E champion and 3 times world heavyweight champion, and 1 times USWA (unified world heavyweight champion) as master of pain. The Undertaker is also a 1 time WWF hardcore champion and 7 times world tagteam champion.

When is Kane going to be the world heavyweight champion?

Don't Know. But he is now the ECW Champion

Who is going to be the world heavyweight champion after no way out 2009?

Edge defeated John Cena, Rey Mysterio, Chris Jericho, Mike Knox and Kane to win the world heavyweight championship at No Way Out 2009

Who is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion?

As of November 2010,Kane

Is Kane heavest weight champion?

if you mean is he world heavy weight champion the yes. but if you say in he the heaviest world heavyweight champion then no because yokozuna was

Who will be the next world heavy weight champion2011after mark Henry?

If Big Show can't win the title, Kane will probally try to challenge Henry for the championship. If Kane fails, then Undertaker will probaly return and beat Mark Henry, becoming a 9 time World Heavyweight Champion

Do Kane be champion to 2011?

Kane no be champion to 2011 because edge won agens Kane

How edge won the world heavyweight championship?

he beat Kane for it