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Kurt Angle was a four-time WWE Champion and a one-time World Heavyweight Champion.

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He is a 4 time WWE Champion, a one time World Heavyweight Champion and one time WCW Champion in WWE.

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Q: How many times has Kurt angle been the WWE champion?
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How many time has kurt angle been tna world heavyweight champion?

5 times

How many times has mysterio been world heveweight champion?

He has been world heavyweight champion two, defeating Kurt Angle and Randy Orton in a triple threat match at WrestleMania 22 and then after winning it in a fatal 4 way match at the PPV fatal four way.

How long was Kurt angle banned for?

Kurt Angle has been in WWE since 1998 to 2006 he is now in TNA

How many times has john cena been wwe world champion?

John Cena has been the World Heavyweight Champion twice, the United States Champion three times, the WWE Champion 11 times, the WWE Tag Team Champion two times, and the World Tag Team Champion 2 times. Altogether he has been champion a combined 17 times.

How many times has hulk hogan been world champion?

Hulk Hogan has never been the World Heavyweight Champion, but has been the WWE Champion 5 times.

How long has Kurt Angle been with his wife?

They have been married for 10 years and have two kids

Who has been Intercontinental Champion the most times?

Probably Chris Jericho Chris Jericho. He has been champion eight times

How many times has undertaker been wwf champion?

The Undertaker has been WWF champion 11 times total![4 time WWF champion,1 time WWF hardcore champion,and a 6 time WWF world tag team Champion]

What was john cena's first wrestling intro music?

John Cena made his original debut on June 27, 2002 by answering an open challenge laid out by Kurt Angle. He had a very tough fight with Angle that night and he showed everyone that he was a rising star with the company. He has been with WWE every since and he is a 2 time world heavyweight champion and a 7 time WWE champion in the WWE

How many times has chris benoit become champion?

Chris Benoit has been champion about 5 times

Which of the WWE superstars are divorced?

Kurt angle has been I don't know bout anyone else

How many times has john cena been the WWE champion or heavyweight champion?

12 times, 10 time WWE champion, 2 time World Heavyweight Champion