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Q: How many times have the springboks won the championship.?
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How many times has Steve Davis won the UK championship?

He has won the UK Championship 6 Times

How many times did edge won the WWE championship?

actually edge has won the WWE championship 9 times

How many times did undertaker won the WWE championship?

One time, and he won the world heavyweight championship 3 times.

How many times have the lakers won a championship?


How many times has Shawnmichaels won a world championship?

3 times

How many times did the Dallas Mavericks win a championship?

They have just won their first championship.

How many times has the nuggets won the NBA?

They have never won an NBA championship

How many times has Dublin Gaelic football team won the Championship?

As of the end of the 2016 championship, Dublin have won the All-Ireland senior football championship 26 times.18911892189418971898189919011902190619071908192119221923194219581963197419761977198319952011201320152016

How many times have the Celtics and the Lakers played for the championship?

Twelve times. The Celtics have won nine of the championship meetings.

How many times has IU won NCAA basketball championship?

5 Times

How many times have Spain won the European Football Championship?

four times

How many times has shaquille o'neal won the nba championship?

4 times