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This is a question that can only be answered by your reading your homeowner's insurance policy. Under certain conditions, it might.

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Q: If I injure someone in self defense and am sued for his damages does my homeowner's liability coverage cover my legal costs and his medical care?
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Does the liability coverage ones homeowner's policy cover ATV'S?

Depends on what your asking coverage for. If your asking will your homeowners "Liability Coverage" replace or repair a damaged ATV then no. Liability covers damages and injuries to others. SO,, If your asking will it cover injury to a pedestrian or bystander ( Not a resident of the insured home ) , Then yes it would provide coverage for the cost of legal defense and court judgements for an injury claim against you.

Is being sued for your home covered by insurance?

It depends on why your being sued. If your homeowners insurance covers the act that caused the suit, then you should have legal defense costs coverage if you purchased liability insurance with your homeowners insurance policy. If you did not purchase liability coverage then your insurance company will not defend you.

Will your homeowners insurance cover damage to your neighbors property caused by fire damage?

Generally no. The only time that your homeowners policy will cover property of anyone else is if you are legally liable for the damages. For instance if you started a fire on purpose for some reasonable need that got away from you and they neighbor demanded payment. In this case you turn it over to your insurance company which will decide how to proceed. You liability section provides coverage for damages and they will provide legal defense in addition to the liability coverage if necessary. I will caution you that liaiblity claims will make you typhoid Mary to insurance companies and you will not have luck getting or keeping homeowners insurance.

Does professional liability insurance cover client companies?

Yes, If your client has a claim against you for damages resulting from your professional advice or services, Your professional Liability insurance will provide coverage for the insured's defense cost as well as coverage for the client if you are determined to be liable.

Does liability insurance cover you from an uninsured motorist?

No. Liability insurance protects you from claims by third parties if an occurrence is alleged to be your fault and the third party claims compensable damages. It indemnifies you (pays damages on your behalf), and provides a defense (hires and pays an attorney at its own expense-if it wishes to contest liability or damages). A liability insurance policy is triggered only if the allegations made against you arise from a type of risk contemplated by the policy--for example, an auto liability policy will not apply to a trip-and-fall claim made in a store that you operate. Uninsured motorist coverage is a different coverage. It pays to you the same kind of damages, based upon an assessment of relative fault and seriousness of damages, that the at-fault party's liability insurance would have paid if that person had liability insurance. It generally applies to only bodily injury damages-not property damage. A useful paradigm by which to think about it is that liability coverage is "third-party" coverage (pays to injured third parties based upon your fault), whereas uninsured motorist coverage is "first party" coverage which you maintain as a source of compensation for yourself if the at-fault has no bodily injury liability coverage.

Does home insurance cover slander?

Personal Liability coverage is included in homeowners insurance. Personal Liability includes coverage several different scenarios including negligence for injuries and damage, libel, and slander. If you are accused of slander and are facing a lawsuit, contact your insurance agent to file a claim on your personal liability coverage and your home insurance company will pay for legal defense costs, settlements, and judgments awarded.

How do you find your neighbors homeowners insurance for liability?

You will just have to ask them for the insurance information. there is no central registry or database for homes and the insurance companies that insure them. You should first determine if your neighbor even has Liability insurance. Not all homeowners purchase liability coverage with their insurance policy. A home insurance policy can be bought with or without liability coverage. If the homeowner has elected liability coverage, The homeowners insurance policy will provide the homeowner with legal defense for the cost of defending against a suit that is brought against them claiming liability on the part of the insured. If the Insured is found at fault or liable in court, then their insurance company will cover the cost of those liabilities up to the specified policy limits. Alternatively you can sue your neighbor. Then If your neighbor has Liability coverage on his home insurance policy, You will then meet your neighbors insurance company attorneys in court.

Who needs homeowners insurance?

Those people who own single family homes, or units such as condominiums or cooperatives, need homeowners insurance. Most homeowners policies provide physical damage coverage for the structure of the home if damage is caused by a covered peril. Another element of the coverage is for the contents of the home, also, if damaged by a covered peril. A very important element of homeowners coverage is the liability coverage that it also provides. That is, it serves as protection for the homeowner/insured if a third party is injured on the insured premises by reason of the fault or neglect of the insured or those for whom he/she/it is legally liable. That protection consists of providing a source of payment to the claimant (indemnity), and if liability or damages are contested, a defense (the insurer hires and pays an attorney to defend the insured). Lastly, anyone who has a mortgage on a home needs homeowners insurance. This will generally be required by the lender in order to ensure that there is a source of funds to repair the home and thereby to preserve the value of the collateral for the mortgage.

Are defense expenses paid in a contractors professional liability policy?

A Professional liability insurance Policy, as well as a contractors General Liability Insurance policy will provide coverage for the cost of legal defense.

Will Homeowners Insurance pay for an attorney if arrested in your home?

Generally, homeowner's insurance has an element of liability coverage as part of it, but not necessarily so (for example, if the policy is one that covers only the structure of the building--often called a "dwelling policy"). When it does have liability coverage, part of the insurer's responsibility is to provide you with a defense (an attorney) if you are sued for damages arising from a type of risk covered by the policy. An example might be if a guest tripped on a child's toy that was in the guest's path, and the guest was injured. The fact that you used the tern "arrested" suggests that a crime of some type was involved. Criminal acts are normally expressly excluded from the scope of coverage.

Does property damage liability cover damage to your neighbors property?

Yes, if you have Liability coverage on your policy, then it would provide coverage for the cost of legal defense as well as court judgements rendered against you for whch you are found liable.

Can you collect bodily liability on your own car insurance?

No. Liability insurance is, by its nature, third-party insurance. That means that proceeds are paid to the person(s) that are hurt as a result of your negligence. It does, however, indemnify you for your carelessness up to the amount of coverage that you purchased. If sued for the collision by someone claiming bodily injury, the insurer will also provide a defense attorney. Somewhat analogous to bodily injury coverage is uninsured motorist coverage. It is a form of first party coverage, meaning that you buy it for yourself. If you are hurt by the negligence of another driver, and that person does not have bodily injury liability insurance, you may have a claim for damages under your uninsured motorist coverage.