In WWE who takes steroids?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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On August 30, 2007 WWE made a statement on their website that they had suspended 10 active wrestlers due to Wellness Violations (WWE's active drugs testing and general wellness policy). That became a huge thing in the medias. In an interview on Fox News the same day, WWE's lead attorney Jerry McDevitt said they'll have conversations with the suspended wrestlers and deciding what to do.

Later on McDevitt confirmed to Newsday that one more unnamed wrestler had been suspended for "violating the Wellness Policy." Bringing the total amount confirmed by WWE to 11 suspended wrestlers, although more would surface from other sources.

Under the wellness policy, which requires tests for steroids, performance enhancers and other recreational drugs (now marijuana), a wrestler faces a 30-day suspension for a first violation, a 60-day suspension for a second violation, and firing for the third. During the time it was believed that 2 wrestlers were on 60 day suspensions (Booker T and Chavo Guerrero) and the rest were on 30 day suspensions as it was their first violation.

But the medias dug deeper, and discovered a list of 15 wrestlers using steroids. This is the list the media released:

Randy Orton, Charlie Haas, Edge, Booker T, Shane Helms, Mike Bucci, Santino Marella, John Morrison,William Regal, Mr. Kennedy, Chavo Guerrero, Shoichi Funaki, Batista, Chris Masters and Umaga.

Later, Sports Illustrated went in to detail what kind of drugs the wrestlers had been using. Here's the list they released:

Somatropin (a Human Growth Hormone)

Nandrolone (Anabolic steroid)

Genotropin (Human Growth Hormone)

Stanozolol (Anabolic steroid which counter effects problems with other steroids)

Anastrozole (Stops side effects of steroid use such as breast growth)

Testosterone (Natural steroid)

Chorionic Gonadotropin (Maintains natural testosterone)

All this is just what is released by the media. But personally I believe there are more wrestlers using anabolic steroids and other drugs. Why I think that? Well, they released 10 wrestlers when the media discovered it. And they didn't say anything about the last 5 before the media found out about that. I don't think any of these would be released if it wasn't for the media. WWE wants to hide it, and therefore I believe there are more wrestlers still abusing drugs.

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Batista There Are Only A Few WWE Wrestlers That Don't Take Steroids Such As Randy Orton , Edge , Matt Hardy , Triple H , Undertaker , Kane and Triple H .

randy orton most definitely takes steroids Kane does edge admited that he did take steroids you can see in their eyes

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dolph ziggler just got suspended yesterday for it and mike knox does too

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jhon morrosin does not take steroids

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Q: In WWE who takes steroids?
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No she does not take steriods

Who in WWE takes drugs?

Well, Every week, they test superstars for drugs. if they find positive, there suspended. who takes steroids in wwe, i need a full list please Some WWE Superstars Who Have Taken Steroids/ Drugs: JEFF HARDY BOOKER T That's All I know. There isn't that many.

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Are steroids illegal in WWE?

Yes they are.

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WWE bans any use of drugs or steroids.

Are anabolic steroids a medication?

Steroids can cause unnatural aggression. Check YouTube to find videos on what can happen if you're on steroids. That's why you can't be steroids on when you're a WWE wrestler. Someone that was a wrestler in the WWE killed his wife, then his 6-year-old son, and then himself from being on steroids.

Does Bret hart take steroids?

No, he could never use Steroids because every single one of the wwe superstars get checked by profesional doctor's. Only wwe superstar that has used steroids is Drew Mcintyre.

Do wwe superstars take steroids?

Some of them. Not all.

Is brock lesnar on steroids?

He wouldn't be perfroming in WWE if he was.

Why does WWE superstars take steroids?

No, WWE superstars are not allowed to use drugs of any kind

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Kurt Angle has done steroids unfortunately, and that's why he got released from his WWE contract.